If your reality is experiencing lack, your internal reality is somehow strangulated from the flow. If your outside world is cluttered or compulsively clean, it is a reflection of an internal process.

Remember the light of the soul is like a projector that shines through the celluloid of your thoughts and projects onto the screen of your reality. It cannot be otherwise. It never has been otherwise.

The same source that feeds your soul, feeds your body; it is the same source that provides money in your bank account. If you feel denied, how are you denying yourself? If you feel unappreciated, how do you not appreciate yourself? If you feel rejected, how is it that you reject yourself?

Your reality is in complete service to your thoughts and has no power over them. Your reality can inspire, instruct or be a catalyst to move you to a higher state of consciousness which can give the illusion that some outside force is at work within you. Rather it is the light of your soul that carries the images of your thoughts onto the screen of your reality that is seeking to transform your life.

Even your challenges are for the same purpose. Even when one cries in the darkness, “Thy will be done,” they are crying to the light within to transform their reality which they have created.

Sometimes we need to take that which is within and set it outside of ourselves for us to observe it.

One liners from the One Mind

Your attitude towards the most insignificant action is your attitude towards your very existence.

Whenever you have an emotional response to a situation, you open yourself up to participate.

When you cast judgment, you then have to live it.

If you are unwilling to receive, you are unable to give. If you are unable to give, you are unwilling to receive.

Humanity is facing its greatest challenges. Humanity can no longer escape its creation.

Remember, if it does not empower you, it cannot empower them.

Would you do that, whatever it may be, for your highest good and to pursue the path of your soul?

Would you be willing to be unattached in order to experience all things?

Your focus defines that which you perceive.

Nothing on heaven or earth can dissuade you from the path of your soul, even death itself cannot hinder that which is eternal.

The only obstacles in your path are those you place there intentionally and purposefully.

Every positive step forward opens a conduit for others to follow.

No one can imprison you but yourself. And you can be in prison without bars.

You do not have to be big enough, strong enough or smart enough. Just be conscious enough.

Opportunities are not causal; they are signposts to guide you to what already exists.

All that is negative infringes upon the boundaries of one’s consciousness.

Be kind to yourself but not complacent. Vigilant but not fearful. When you walk in the path of integrity, you do not have anything to fear.

Remember cause and effect is seeking resolution. Consciousness is always seeking a return to the oneness.