Is your soul the handmaiden to your physical expression?
Or is your physical expression the handmaiden to your soul?

A provocative question, one not to be answered lightly; for, your decision has a profound affect upon how you interact in your life, in your world, and in your spiritual existence.

What is a handmaiden? It was someone assigned to an individual to be of assist to provide ease, comfort, caring and nurturing; to lessen the burdens, to lighten the load, to be pampered and cared for.

We perceive that many of you would quickly surmise that the soul is handmaiden to your physical expression. At the very least, that would offer a sense of security and well-being, a hope for assistance and guidance in what can sometimes be a frightening and confusing world.

In fact, through most of your history and theological beliefs, the soul has been seen as infinite and eternal, yet vulnerable to the miscreations and behaviors of its human counterpart. This perception has caused the soul to be seen as an object to be protected and cared for in order to assure one’s own eternal existence, which means that in some way the soul holds the key. A rather conflictual relationship, is it not? It is like being responsible for a child; yet, that child holds the judgment over your parenting abilities—which definitely creates a co-dependent relationship. And if the soul is a handmaiden to the physical, at its very best it is an indentured servant.

Much of humanity’s struggle with spirituality, conflicts with the world, and fear of the hereafter is based on this very dysfunctional relationship with the soul. In reality, a little more frightening initially to the ego consciousness, but far more empowering, is that your physical expression is a handmaiden to your soul. The master of this house is your soul. The physical expression, an extension of yourself, is there to provide what is necessary for your soul to express itself in physical form. When you come to that realization and are accepting of the primary role of your soul in your life, you are in a place of empowerment, a place of creative consciousness that expresses in peace, tranquility, serenity and well-being in your life.

In reality, when one sees physical expression as the dominant aspect of being, he or she is much like a belligerent child or neglectful servant to the true expression of the self. Humanity has usurped dominance in the lives of people insofar as individual souls are concerned because of fear of relinquishing control and power to some unseen force.

In fact your soul is very present and, interestingly enough, your acceptance of your soul as the primary expression of your physical existence is in direct proportion to your acceptance of divinity and your willingness to surrender to a divine presence—what humanity calls God. It is rather an intriguing measure of your spirituality which is in direct proportion to the degree you surrender your physical expression into the hands of your soul. The pathway to spirituality is through your soul. The doorway to divinity is through the threshold of your soul’s expression.

Yes, the divine is all around you, be it the birds in the air, the breath of the wind, the shimmering stars of the universe. But your soul is not something you drag along like a ball and chain on your journey to spiritual attainment. It is, rather, the pathway to it. The greatest privilege, the greatest honor, the greatest task, the greatest gift and the greatest expression of physical existence is to be in service to your soul.

And your soul is a generous, kind, loving and beneficent master. Surrender your preconceived ideas of who you are into the loving presence of your own soul. Become the duty-filled servant to the expression of your divinity. Every soul is a master. It can be no less, it cannot be diminished and it cannot be taken away.

We invite you to say this affirmation often to allow your soul to take its rightful place in your lives.

A Soul Affirmation

I call forth my soul to be in dominion here.
To be the creative force and source of my reality.
To be the primary expression of my physical existence.
To transform and transmute my creations into the purest of God’s energy,
For my highest good and the highest good of the path of my soul.