An umbilical cord is the bridge between gestation and birth. It provides the necessary nutrients for the growth of a fetus into a fully developed organism ready for birth. Virtually every living thing has some sort of umbilical connection between its point of conception and its development in preparation for birth, even within an egg there is an umbilical cord and the sprout is connected to the seed.

Would it not also be true that within the gestation period of becoming a fully God-conscious being in physical form that there would be an umbilical cord that sustains you until you are able to survive on your own? Birth is the critical mass state when an organism has developed to the point that it can survive outside the womb.

What is the womb for humanity—and what is the umbilical cord?

Let us say this at the outset that the Change of the Age is the birthing process of humanity into expressive, God-conscious entities, where the womb is no longer necessary and the umbilical cord has been severed so you are free. Your soul is the seed of life; your soul is the conception of your physical existence. It is also the expression of your beingness in physical form.

Your soul and its gestation period into physical form is more like the egg than an internal physiological process. Within the egg are both the nutrients and the seed for creation. The soul is what the physical form feeds off of until the fetus of your physical existence consumes fully the soul that contained it and breaks forth into a new reality. Your physical form is like a sponge absorbing your soul, expanding and growing, becoming indistinguishable from it. Think of the chick in the egg, when it breaks forth, where have all those nutrients gone but to be incorporated into its physical form—that is why you are emerging into God-conscious beings.

Very soon you will break forth from the womb/shell in which you have been gestating and emerge into a being where your soul is inseparable from your physical form.

Just as the flower blooms, the fruit ripens on the vine and the creatures of the earth give birth to their young, you have the right, the privilege, the promise and the potential of being born from the parent of consciousness into the presence of physical creation.