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Consciousness of Dominion

Physical expression is arbitrary and forever changing. Consciousness is eternal. Your physical locale, your chronological place in existence, your physical expression are only limitations when one separates themselves from the consciousness of All That Is. When one reunites in The One Mind and The One Thought, access to the totality of creation, inter-dimensionally, spatially […]

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Becoming Like the One

Obviously, the One Mind has the ability to comprehend itself; so, one might ask why is there a need for the One Thought? The One Thought is the catalyst of the manifestations of the One Mind. It is Thought that is the creative force that reaches within the pool of resources of potentiality within […]

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A martyr comes when one perceives that they must suffer or injure themselves in someway for someone else’s benefit. “Look at what I have to go through in order for all these people to learn.” Martyrdom is an abdication of responsibility and participation in one’s own lessons.
There never has been or ever will be […]

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Light Unbound

Our revealing ourselves to you is but a tiny point of light in an infinite field of illumination waiting to open itself unto you. Yet light can become so bright that it can blind. So we have created a little opening in the veil in which you can peer through into the unhindered, unobstructed […]

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