A martyr comes when one perceives that they must suffer or injure themselves in someway for someone else’s benefit. “Look at what I have to go through in order for all these people to learn.” Martyrdom is an abdication of responsibility and participation in one’s own lessons.

There never has been or ever will be an appropriate martyr. Even Jesus.

Individuals may be inspired by someone’s stick-to-itiveness even to the point of demise, but what you are learning is that in the process of saving yourself, in connecting yourself to the divine, you inspire others to do the same. A true master does not reflect their own divinity, but the divinity of those around them. The more you are in the One Mind and the One Thought the more others see it in themselves.

Jesus was a good mirror; in His presence one saw their own divinity.

Divinity cannot be beheld other than in yourself. Think of anyone you see as holy or spiritual, and they uplift you. You are uplifted in their presence because they are a mirror for you to see your own divinity. Any individual of the universe that directs its attention unto itself is not of the Christ Consciousness.