Obviously, the One Mind has the ability to comprehend itself; so, one might ask why is there a need for the One Thought? The One Thought is the catalyst of the manifestations of the One Mind. It is Thought that is the creative force that reaches within the pool of resources of potentiality within the One Mind and places it upon the palette of creation. Divinity is self-generating and re-generating.

Therefore, with that in mind how does one live a life, how do they observe their reality? Where is the perfect perception being hindered by the filters of the ego construct? That is your task. That is your goal. Where are you being hindered?

What do you perceive would be the filters that would hinder you from the perfect perception of the mind of God in you?

Remember, you are in complete dominion and control of the filters you use to glean that which is acceptable and that which is not acceptable in your perception. Earnestly and diligently surrender the filter, and when it is truly surrendered, it is no longer in your reality. Individuals scramble to change the outer perception which cannot be changed unless their inner awareness is unfettered by those filters.

Out of the potentiality of the One Mind and the One Thought, a perfect Inner awareness was projected into unfettered thought, and you came into existence. The key, is to realize that the outer perception of reality is an illusion that has been made manifest by the projection of the One Mind through the “lens” of the One Thought and its filters upon the “screen” of the One Soul which created your reality.

The One Mind is the potential, the One Thought is the definer, but the manifestation occurs in One Soul.

The One Soul is the canvas on which the One Mind creates. And the perfect inner awareness unfettered by thought not only manifests itself in perfect perception, it recreates itself. You return to the source by becoming like the One from which you were created. Understand that when you remove the filters, the thoughts of the One Mind become alive, powerful and transforming.

Since Divinity, God, the Source is energy and energy is consciousness, consciousness always has three elements: a source; a point of observation and a manifestation.

That is why the concept of Divinity is trinitized. What we are attempting to do is to remove the personifications, the anthropomorphic aspect of the image of Divinity. So when we speak to you from the One Mind and the One Thought and the One Soul, we speak to you from the voice of God. Do you understand how by your very nature you would have to be part of God since you are part of that trio of consciousness.