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Theories on the Fall

There are many theories on humanity’s fall from grace. Religions, philosophers, theologians have sought to understand and explain the human condition. In your writings and philosophies, you speak of that critical time, that critical mass of consciousness where forgetting occurred. Scripture, holy writings speaks of humanity’s emerging awareness of knowledge of good and evil.

Understanding what has been forgotten gives insight into what is to be to remembered.
It is not God that has been forgotten, but one’s union with All That Is.
There can only be negativity when you step outside your true self . All negativity is born from an external observation rather than an internal awareness.

So that is the rule of the day. In your daily activities, in your thought processes, in your words you seeking the Oneness of All That Is. These are the steps. Paradise is created by the awareness of All That Is. How large a portion of God do you wish to be? The negative ego would wish for you to believe that what is inside is negative and corrupted. The truth is that nothing within you can be negative, but negativity around you can so squeeze and squash you down so that you begin […]

October 29th, 2009|All That Is, Creation|

The Chick in the Egg

Conscious awakening is like the chick in the egg who when it reaches its full gestation must make a choice to remain or take all of its energy and break forth. The chick in the egg has utilized all the nutrients that were available and needs to break out into a larger world to continue to grow.
In like manner, when one is unwilling to expand their consciousness, to move beyond their limited world, it ceases to nurture them.
The physical world can no longer nurture their growing body. This situation becomes a catalyst to move them into the next level of understanding and physical expression. It is of value to contemplate why one would choose not to express more fully. Why is there comfort in staying in the seclusion of ones little reality or belief systems? What is the fear? And how can they be assured of the wonders of what lies beyond “their shell”?
The challenge is to break forth from the shell not because it is a prison, but rather a cradle.
Perhaps humanity thought the shell to be the destination. Could your world simply be the egg which nurtured you and now to continue to grow? Humanity must reach […]

October 24th, 2009|Awakening|

On Dominion

Dominion is the rock upon which you stand, when you stand upon your dominion you send forth an invincible power.

You surrender your beliefs and emotions; for, it is in the subjectification of oneself that separates one from the mind of God.

There is no power outside you in your life that can defeat dominion, no matter what happens.

When one is truly in dominion there is no need to fear. No need to hide; for, there is nothing in their reality that can harm them that is not in alignment with the seat of your soul.

Go forth today victorious for there is nothing outside you that is more powerful than that which is within you. You are all powerful.

Each judgement is a direct attack upon oneself.

The demons in the darkness are of your creation indeed, but they are not to harass you or overpower you. They are rather your victorious moment. How does one bring light into the pit? From their mind–you starve these demons you have created by an undeniable ability to be in the consciousness of All That Is.

That is why paradise became purgatory when humanity lost the awareness that this physical plane of existence was their playground. The […]

October 7th, 2009|Empowerment|

Infinite Soul

The expansion of Consciousness is a powerful and unique evolutionary process in the reality of human existence. The concept of individuality can be likened to a pinhole in a veil in which the light of understanding, insight and knowledge is able to be perceived from a myopic point of view. The expansion of consciousness is not simply a mental process, it is a physical, emotional and, indeed, a spiritual evolution in consciousness. When the world becomes part of you, like a hand or a leg, when all whom you encounter is truly an aspect of yourself.

Consciousness can only be perceived by the soul. The physical mind is incapable of comprehending the expansiveness contained in All That Is. In the fall of humanity from the conscious awareness of God, the mind as one knows it has falsely become responsible for perception. Your mind’s job is to protect, guide, maneuver through and around one’s physical existence.
The soul is the center of Consciousness and that is what humanity is being called upon to reignite, reinvigorate, revitalize, and resurrect.
Consciousness resides in the soul, and from there all things can be comprehended. That is the challenge and the adventure that humanity is being called […]

October 5th, 2009|Soul|

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