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Theories on the Fall

There are many theories on humanity’s fall from grace. Religions, philosophers, theologians have sought to understand and explain the human condition. In your writings and philosophies, you speak of that critical time, that critical mass of consciousness where forgetting occurred. Scripture, holy writings speaks of humanity’s emerging awareness of knowledge of good and evil.

Understanding […]

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The Chick in the Egg

Conscious awakening is like the chick in the egg who when it reaches its full gestation must make a choice to remain or take all of its energy and break forth. The chick in the egg has utilized all the nutrients that were available and needs to break out into a larger world to […]

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On Dominion

Dominion is the rock upon which you stand, when you stand upon your dominion you send forth an invincible power.

You surrender your beliefs and emotions; for, it is in the subjectification of oneself that separates one from the mind of God.

There is no power outside you in your life that can defeat dominion, no […]

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Infinite Soul

The expansion of Consciousness is a powerful and unique evolutionary process in the reality of human existence. The concept of individuality can be likened to a pinhole in a veil in which the light of understanding, insight and knowledge is able to be perceived from a myopic point of view. The expansion of consciousness […]

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