The expansion of Consciousness is a powerful and unique evolutionary process in the reality of human existence. The concept of individuality can be likened to a pinhole in a veil in which the light of understanding, insight and knowledge is able to be perceived from a myopic point of view. The expansion of consciousness is not simply a mental process, it is a physical, emotional and, indeed, a spiritual evolution in consciousness. When the world becomes part of you, like a hand or a leg, when all whom you encounter is truly an aspect of yourself.

Consciousness can only be perceived by the soul. The physical mind is incapable of comprehending the expansiveness contained in All That Is. In the fall of humanity from the conscious awareness of God, the mind as one knows it has falsely become responsible for perception. Your mind’s job is to protect, guide, maneuver through and around one’s physical existence.

The soul is the center of Consciousness and that is what humanity is being called upon to reignite, reinvigorate, revitalize, and resurrect.

Consciousness resides in the soul, and from there all things can be comprehended. That is the challenge and the adventure that humanity is being called to. It is the knowledge of the soul and awareness of the spirit that is eternal. All else fades into dust. When humanity fully and completely comprehends that their physical form is the point of the pyramid in which all else resides, that as you walk through your world, as you encounter yourself, as you take your rightful place in creation, you are the mind of All That Is. As a result simultaneously and instantaneously you comprehend yourself throughout the universe preforming the same dance of the creator and the creation.

It is only your soul that can contain such awareness. The soul falsely has been seen as a measurable element of existence. Indeed it is a spark within your being but remember all that was ever created began with a spark. Perhaps an understanding of All That Is and your ability to comprehend it, is to understand that not only is your soul eternal which most of humanity will accept, but your soul is inifinte–isn’t that wonderful? How often has humanity thought of that aspect of themselves? Perhaps all humanity looks through the same pinhole in the veil of consciousness.

When one understands themselves as infinite as the universe and as endless, they will more fully be able to understand their ability to comprehend All That Is.

The soul is Consciousness incarnate. It is the anchor in the physical plane of existence for the Consciousness of God to dwell in physical form. When one understands themselves as infinite, it is a little easier to look into the night sky and see yourself smiling back.

That is truly how the creation and the creator are one. You are not a segment of creation. You are not a particle in the mind of God. You are the complete and total consciousness of All That Is.

There is truly only one existence expressing in many forms on many planes and many dimensions. And its name is you.