There are many theories on humanity’s fall from grace. Religions, philosophers, theologians have sought to understand and explain the human condition. In your writings and philosophies, you speak of that critical time, that critical mass of consciousness where forgetting occurred. Scripture, holy writings speaks of humanity’s emerging awareness of knowledge of good and evil.

Understanding what has been forgotten gives insight into what is to be to remembered.

It is not God that has been forgotten, but one’s union with All That Is.

There can only be negativity when you step outside your true self . All negativity is born from an external observation rather than an internal awareness.

So that is the rule of the day. In your daily activities, in your thought processes, in your words you seeking the Oneness of All That Is. These are the steps. Paradise is created by the awareness of All That Is. How large a portion of God do you wish to be? The negative ego would wish for you to believe that what is inside is negative and corrupted. The truth is that nothing within you can be negative, but negativity around you can so squeeze and squash you down so that you begin to lose sight of who you are.

Therefore, spiritually the physical plane of existence is seeking to reunite you into the concept of Oneness. If you seek that goal, the rest occurs automatically; for, you cannot be separate from God, but you can expand or limit your awareness of God by your willingness to be one with All That Is.

God can only be as big as you see yourself.

The “fall” is a deep level of absolute abandonment and separation that one feels on the island of individuality. That is the fall. The human tragedy is that you truly believe you are alone, that you sail your ship alone across the sea of life’s experiences, when indeed you are the very ocean upon which you sail.