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Destination Planet Earth

There have been many theories and philosophies about the purpose of human existence. Philosophy, psychology and numerous religions have sought to understand the human experience.
We would like to propose this analogy: incarnation is much like going on vacation.
You go on vacation to explore, relax, rejuvenate and expand your awareness of the world in which you live, possibly to discover new cultures and experience different social mores. The same is true for you as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Truly your home, the center of your existence, is in the spiritual realms, and much like you would plan a trip to the beach or a distant country, your soul plans, prepares and investigates destinations to experience.

When you go on vacation you often take a friend, perhaps a few, to vacation with you. The truth is that everything and everyone you encounter in the physical plane of existence exists forever in the consciousness of your mind. In fact, they existed before you encounter them physically and have been brought into your world by your consciousness.

We invite you to take a new look at life and living in this minute slice of eternity that you are experiencing. To see it as […]

December 19th, 2011|Enlightenment, Physicality|

The Secrets of the Seen

In the consciousness of creation in which all things exist, all is accessible and known; for, every creation is born from the consciousness that created it. You are the only consciousness that has ever existed in your reality. If you have created it, you know it. The secrets are seen, the unknown becomes known, and awareness permeates all aspects of your consciousness. There are no secrets in the universe. There is nothing that is unknown; yet, there are those things to be discovered and awakened to. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a question that cannot be answered, a secret that cannot be known or a truth that cannot be revealed. There is no limit to consciousness and, therefore, to creation. Thought creates answers; creation manifests realities. If you have the thought of it, you know it. If you question, it is answered. Consciousness creates completely.
Humanity is in the process of expanding its conscious awareness, pushing the boundaries of what it can comprehend.
Questioning is the horizon of consciousness. It binds that which is known to that which is being revealed. Questioning, pursuing and seeking always bears fruit. That is why your brother’s statement, “Seek and you […]

December 11th, 2011|All That Is|

Creativity vs. Creation

We often speak of humanity as creators and becoming increasingly aware of their participation in the creative force of the universe. With that increasing awareness, people have become aware of the responsibility to create well. Part of the ongoing “problem” is that humanity does not remain conscious in their creations, often mis-creating through lack of attention or accountability. Creation has always and will continue to occur—if you are taking a breath and your heart is beating, you are creating. It cannot be escaped; yet, how you respond to this innate ability to be a creator is yours.
Creation is the reality. Creation is existence. Creation is not a past event or a future experience.
It is now, an eternal, ever-evolving process of consciousness. Creativity, on the other hand, is when you actively participate in the process of creation—when you take not only individual responsibility, but also wisely use the raw materials in your reality to create.

All of you who read this concept have had moments of inspiration, spurts of creativity, being in the “zen” of things. These moments are not some arbitrary, by chance, encounters with your inner creator. Rather they are a glimpse into an ever-present process available to you […]

December 6th, 2011|Creation, Energy, Enlightenment, Spirituality, Universe|

In Times of Tribulation

We understand your pain, your sorrow, your anguish, and your isolation, and we, the entirety of the Universe, kneel before you, lord and master of All That Is. We are one with you in acknowledgment of your ascent in Consciousness and beg you, beseech you, implore you, don’t give up. We pave the way before you. Indeed, in this world you will have challenges, but you have conquered the world from a place of power. All that you see, acknowledge–acknowledge the Source and the perfection of All That Is and surrender–surrender that which stands in the way of that perfect perception of your reality. And then proudly claim that source and force of the creative power of the Universe to create paradise. Reach deep into the Eternal Power of your being and heal the Universe that you have created. When you find yourself amongst the rubble of internal tumult  and the innuendoes of self-hate, bring the Light into that place. This is our prayer for you. When you go forth in your activities you go forth aware of the eons of experience and power within your being. Something wonderful is happening. Something beyond the physical that will be expressed […]

December 5th, 2011|All That Is, Spirituality|

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