There have been many theories and philosophies about the purpose of human existence. Philosophy, psychology and numerous religions have sought to understand the human experience.

We would like to propose this analogy: incarnation is much like going on vacation.

You go on vacation to explore, relax, rejuvenate and expand your awareness of the world in which you live, possibly to discover new cultures and experience different social mores. The same is true for you as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Truly your home, the center of your existence, is in the spiritual realms, and much like you would plan a trip to the beach or a distant country, your soul plans, prepares and investigates destinations to experience.

When you go on vacation you often take a friend, perhaps a few, to vacation with you. The truth is that everything and everyone you encounter in the physical plane of existence exists forever in the consciousness of your mind. In fact, they existed before you encounter them physically and have been brought into your world by your consciousness.

We invite you to take a new look at life and living in this minute slice of eternity that you are experiencing. To see it as a purposeful decision on your part to explore a particular aspect of creation, inviting those who would best assist you in deriving the greatest advantages from your journey. Every time you go back to the Source, you bring a little more of creation with you; and every time you journey from the Source to creation, you bring a little more of the Source into physical creation.

You are journeyers; you are travelers; you are seekers and, just as some upon your planet are seen as world travelers, you are universal travelers.

There simply is no loss and when you are able to change the perspective of how you see existence, no matter what your challenges, you are unaffected and unwavering from the purpose you came here in the first place. Just as some might go on vacation to the beach, others to an amusement park, the more adventurous might choose to hike through the mountains—each of your life experiences are no different, they are the excursions that you have chosen to take on your vacation to Destination Planet Earth.

We understand that many who read this might think we are a little flippant, particularly if the reader is experiencing particular challenges or difficulties in their life. In no way, we will say it again, in no way are we attempting to minimize the intensity of the human experience. We are simply attempting to put it in perspective—and that perspective will set you free to be all you truly are.

Celebrate your visit to Planet Earth. Enjoy your stay. Experience the opportunities and collect your souvenirs of experience; for, it is about time to return home.