We often speak of humanity as creators and becoming increasingly aware of their participation in the creative force of the universe. With that increasing awareness, people have become aware of the responsibility to create well. Part of the ongoing “problem” is that humanity does not remain conscious in their creations, often mis-creating through lack of attention or accountability. Creation has always and will continue to occur—if you are taking a breath and your heart is beating, you are creating. It cannot be escaped; yet, how you respond to this innate ability to be a creator is yours.

Creation is the reality. Creation is existence. Creation is not a past event or a future experience.

It is now, an eternal, ever-evolving process of consciousness. Creativity, on the other hand, is when you actively participate in the process of creation—when you take not only individual responsibility, but also wisely use the raw materials in your reality to create.

All of you who read this concept have had moments of inspiration, spurts of creativity, being in the “zen” of things. These moments are not some arbitrary, by chance, encounters with your inner creator. Rather they are a glimpse into an ever-present process available to you any time you choose.

Creativity exists any time you are in resonance with your own inner awareness.

The psychologist would say you are in touch with the unconscious or delta state of your mind. Isn’t it interesting that even thought is a vibration? How could it be otherwise? Become creatively conscious by practicing communication with and being connected to that inner-resonant energy within yourself—that vibratory frequency that announces your presence to creation.

Creativity is the internal expression of the creative force of the universe. Your creativity is your unique expression of existence. Your creativity is your gift to the whole of existence. Creativity in consciousness is the personal expression of creation in your life. Sing the song of your existence, be it in word, note or brush. Allow your unique and indelible footprint that you are here to be expressed in your world. Many of you have experienced and have seen the first footprint of man upon the moon—no less is your footprint of creativity upon the planet.