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A Universal Blessing

A Universal Blessing for Humanity
Behind the thin veil of awareness, we reside forever in assistance to you, for beloved children of the earth, abandonment is not your inheritance nor sorrow your destiny. Behind the pallet of the stars of the universe lies a presence awaiting your return, forever patient and understanding, forever vigilant and […]

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A Christmas Story

From the very beginning of time, there was a promise and a hope that there would be one who would come, who would show the way. One who would be a light in the darkness, who would be one inseparable from the Creator and by their very being, would express the truth of human […]

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The Meaning of Your Life

Do not mistake the purpose and the meaning of your life. The purpose of your life is the outward actions you have chosen. The meaning of your life is the internalization of your own definition of yourself. That meaning has nothing to do with what goes on around you, your seeming successes or failures. Yet, […]

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Close Encounters

Close Encounters of the Universal Kind
Some who read these words maybe familiar with the term “close encounters” as it refers to extra-terrestrial contact from sightings (an encounter of the first kind) to actual alien contact (the third kind).

Now we are well aware of the myriad of sentient species at varying stages of development scattered […]

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Accidents and Coincidences

Can an event be unintentional or coincidental? Or is everything planned. And if that is so, what about freewill?

Can something enter your reality without your invitation or permission? Are there vagrant thoughts that take up squatters’ rights in your reality or do things “just happen?”

Are your lives a game of reality Russian Roulette or […]

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The Evolution of Mastery

Though mastery may be found in the moment, it occurs over a process of time. Even within the dimensions where time is irrelevant, it is a process of emerging, a journey to be taken, a destination that is never reached. “What?” you might say. Just as consciousness is ever expanding so is your mastery. Mastery […]

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