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The Continuity of Creation

From the fires of inspiration and the chaos of conceptualization, all the universes of all dimensions were created. Creation is eternal and infinite and not isolated to one time or place. It is an energetic dance of dynamic forces in a perfect cycle of chaos. Creation cannot be fully comprehended and is ever evolving. In humanity’s myopic vision of the universe, it is able to comprehend physically, emotionally and even intellectually one small fraction of what creation truly means.
Yet in the immensity of the concept of creation is the reality that each soul participates in a dynamic and directive way in the creative forces of the source of All That Is.
Creation is not predictable. Creation is ever evolving. Creation is difficult to understand because that which is being created already exists in the potentiality of All That Is. And immediately upon its being created it wishes to return to the Source that birthed it.

To fully understand creation, one must not see it simply as cause and effect, a Source and an outcome, from the ethereal to the physical—that would be limiting. It is as creative for thought to be propelled into existence as that which exists to be propelled […]

February 25th, 2010|Creation, Energy, Universe|

Glass Ceiling of Consciousness

Do not create a glass ceiling of consciousness. Do not limit that which you can attain. You are the master of your spiritual house, not the servant, and the crumbs that fall from the table are not yours to consume.

Spirituality and the attainment of its attributes are a powerful process for humanity. When the door to spiritual awareness is ajar and the light of a new consciousness is emerging into the darkness of the human mind, one can become overwhelmed. Do not allow the evidence of spiritual presence to limit your goals of understanding.

We speak this because the marvels and wonders of a new dimension are emerging upon this plane of existence and one can even become distracted by the evidence of that fact. Any portion of spiritual awakening is full of wonder and mystery and one holds tightly onto that which they have attained.
Humanity can become distracted with new spiritual information.
Spiritual awarenesses are stepping stones to yet greater insight. Be open and willing to expand, to allow yourself to reach beyond your conscious awareness to the outer edges of spiritual awakening, to the realms which you have not yet perceived.

We have spoken in the past that awakening is […]

February 9th, 2010|Metaphysical|


Let us discuss the concept of individuality. It would only take a cursory glance at the universe, its individual stars, or your world with a meadow filled with individual flowers to quickly understand that the concept of individuality is not an aberrant concept to be avoided or extinguished from the creation. Individuality is the unique expression of the integration of Physicality and Consciousness.

The flowers of the field know they are individual; yet, they are uniquely joined to each other. They know they come from one source. The stars of the universe know they do not stand alone, that they are forever interdependent with each other. Individuality is the unique expression of perception. Is the concept of individuality a stumbling block in understanding Oneness? The problem is not individuality but separateness. Humanity fortresses itself in separateness, rather than celebrating the expression of individuality. Your world is full of examples of how individual expressions of a thing when combined with others creates beauty in your world. Individuality is truth and power; separation is illusion and weakness.

Individuality does not exclude the concept of the Oneness of All That Is. The value of the grain of sand in the desert or the drop […]

February 1st, 2010|Awakening, Spirituality, Universe|

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