Let us discuss the concept of individuality. It would only take a cursory glance at the universe, its individual stars, or your world with a meadow filled with individual flowers to quickly understand that the concept of individuality is not an aberrant concept to be avoided or extinguished from the creation. Individuality is the unique expression of the integration of Physicality and Consciousness.

The flowers of the field know they are individual; yet, they are uniquely joined to each other. They know they come from one source. The stars of the universe know they do not stand alone, that they are forever interdependent with each other. Individuality is the unique expression of perception. Is the concept of individuality a stumbling block in understanding Oneness? The problem is not individuality but separateness. Humanity fortresses itself in separateness, rather than celebrating the expression of individuality. Your world is full of examples of how individual expressions of a thing when combined with others creates beauty in your world. Individuality is truth and power; separation is illusion and weakness.

Individuality does not exclude the concept of the Oneness of All That Is. The value of the grain of sand in the desert or the drop of water in the ocean, each containing unique properties of the whole, yet expressing in an individual manner. Individuality allows definition and distinction. It is the hues of color on the canvas of creation. Without individuality there would be no definition, but definition does not mean separateness. Individuality allows the expression of all the aspects of Consciousness in a defined manner so it can be perceived, understood, explored and celebrated. Individuality allows for sharing Consciousness. Separation is a chasm that Consciousness cannot cross. Truly the concept of the Oneness and individuality can be expressed no more clearly than one plus one is greater than two. In fact, 1+1 is infinity.