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Hymn to Simplicity

This hymn to simplicity is to remind you that the universe is the simplest of them all. Indeed, theologians, philosophers and scientists can speak intelligently of complex theories and multiple laws that govern the universe and their inhabitants.

Yet to understand the complexity of existence, you must understand its simplicity. The answers to your deepest desires and your most longing questions is found before you in the simple expression of existence. All That Is, in all its majesty, in all its complexity was not created from a complex plan but a simple thought.

Sing the song of simplicity in your heart that you might be a powerful being—for the greatest obstacles, the most arduous tasks, the longest journeys are reached, obtained and beheld in a simple spirit.
Hymn to Simplicity
Simple and sacred is the Consciousness of God.

Simple is the awareness of All That Is.

Sacred is the Oneness that you are.

Blessed in the Consciousness of All That Is.

Simple is the sacred ground on which you stand.

Simple is the process of Awakening.

Simplicity is Ascension’s gift.

For therein lies the Consciousness of God.

Simplicity is the truth of the universe.

Simplicity is the truth of the wise.

Simplicity is the most profound of all thoughts.

Upon the spiral stairs the awareness of […]

September 29th, 2010|All That Is|

Existence: The Mirror of Consciousness

The universe is a dance of interaction and assistance. One grand organism. Universal Consciousness is not some abstract concept; it is real and vibrant. For where there is existence there is Consciousness, and where there is Consciousness there must be existence. This is a difficult concept that we are about to give, for when one looks beyond the boundaries of creation, what was or wasn’t there the moment before the creative process of this universe began?
The key, the elemental truth is that there is no such thing as nothing.
Nothing does not exist, for there to be nothing, for that in and of itself is a point of existence. It’s a state of beingness. There always has been, there always will be existence. For when Consciousness became self-cognitive it brushed away the void like turning on a light in a darkened room. Nothing was brushed away by the light of existence.

We have spoken to you of physicality. We have spoken to you of beingness. We have spoken to you of Consciousness and how physicality pursued the potentiality of All That Is through the universe to merge with it to create beingness. Existence is the primordial ooze of the Consciousness of […]

September 28th, 2010|Metaphysical, Spirituality, Universe|

The Coming of Age

The Coming of Age of humanity’s evolution into the conscious awareness of their origins and destiny is quickly approaching. Throughout history the prophecies have indicated virtually catastrophic events to mark these shifts in consciousness. Divinity and consciousness have never been and never will be heralded by disaster, chaos, confusion or calamity. It is the human response to these inner urges to shift and a stubborn resistance to be willing to change.

The change of the age is like the gentle winds upon the water, the subtle fragrance of a flower’s bloom upon the air. The age is heralded in on the whispers of a dawn and the willingness of those upon the planet to respond.
The change in the ages, the shifts in consciousness is the normal evolutionary process of growth upon this planet.
You observe a child from birth to adulthood constantly changing, constantly shifting, continually growing yet fear, anger and confusion comes from the child’s response to these change, not the process in and of itself.

Why would the universe create a process of catastrophe to create change? The chaos of creation when dealt with in a willingness to participate and an understanding of its purpose can be met with peace, harmony […]

September 22nd, 2010|Ascension, Energy, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Universe|

Seasons of the Universe

With the emergence of the changing of the age, it is valuable to understand that the “boundaries and horizons” between the dimensions is thinning or, perhaps a better analogy, evaporating.

As we have indicated in past discussions on this topic, the process that humanity is in and the events that are about to occur are not to be seen as some prediction of doom or gloom, catastrophic events or, even worse, the end of the world. There is no end to the physical plane of existence–only a change, an advancement of moving forward.

Consciousness is like the waves on the sea, each marching forward towards the shore. Each having their moment, then to be followed by another wave. So it is with Consciousness, not only does the physical universe pulse with the heartbeat of creation, so does Consciousness.

The emergence of the New Age is not to be seen as the year 2000 or a Y2K. Throughout history there have been predictions in human terms and human time to events or shifts that would occur. What we are speaking of is universal time and when one allows themselves to align to the natural ebbs and flows of energy and Consciousness in the […]

September 21st, 2010|Awakening, Empowerment, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Universe|

Maintaining Balance

The illusion is that the physical plane of existence has a certain level of stability. When one is standing upon a floor that is seen as stable, one could balance on one foot or be in more precarious positions without toppling.

In reality the “physical floor” upon which you stand is in motion, changing angles, gyrating. If one was in a precarious position that required balance on a floor that was moving, they would topple. For one to balance in the changing physical existence, they need to be grounded, feet firmly planted, responsive in a positive manner to maintain their balance.

Therefore to survive the changes occurring in your reality, one must be firmly planted, firmly standing upon this moving plane of existence. This movement is not chaotic but it could seem chaotic to those standing on the floor. Rather it is a progression, a movement upward in consciousness.

That which used to be taken for granted can no longer be taken for granted. Balance is maintained by identifying and responding to the shifts in the foundation on which you stand. The physical plane of existence can feel much like a carnival ride that tosses and turns you. It is a natural […]

September 19th, 2010|Metaphysical|

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