This hymn to simplicity is to remind you that the universe is the simplest of them all. Indeed, theologians, philosophers and scientists can speak intelligently of complex theories and multiple laws that govern the universe and their inhabitants.

Yet to understand the complexity of existence, you must understand its simplicity. The answers to your deepest desires and your most longing questions is found before you in the simple expression of existence. All That Is, in all its majesty, in all its complexity was not created from a complex plan but a simple thought.

Sing the song of simplicity in your heart that you might be a powerful being—for the greatest obstacles, the most arduous tasks, the longest journeys are reached, obtained and beheld in a simple spirit.

Hymn to Simplicity

Simple and sacred is the Consciousness of God.

Simple is the awareness of All That Is.

Sacred is the Oneness that you are.

Blessed in the Consciousness of All That Is.hymn to simplicity

Simple is the sacred ground on which you stand.

Simple is the process of Awakening.

Simplicity is Ascension’s gift.

For therein lies the Consciousness of God.

Simplicity is the truth of the universe.

Simplicity is the truth of the wise.

Simplicity is the most profound of all thoughts.

Upon the spiral stairs the awareness of simplicity lies.

Be still in the simplicity of existence.

Be still in the simplicity of being.

Be still in the simplicity of knowingness.

Be still in the simplicity of who you are.