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Chicken or the Egg

As we have stated, Consciousness, God, Divinity, must of itself have a source, the potentiality of all things. It must have a place from which to manifest and a place in which to observe. What has occurred in the separation of consciousness, is the point of observation is seen as separate from both the source and its manifestation. What has occurred is what is observed is seen as the source and therefore creating a point of consciousness–that is “out there”. What you would call point of observation, the One Thought, is the ability to comprehend what one creates. Is it not true that often times one sees oneself separate from their own soul and apart from the concept of divinity.
So how does one develop a point of observation born of the One Mind and expressed through the One Soul? And what does that look like?
We have spoken that when one removes the filters, the perfect Inner Awareness is expressed as the Perfect Awareness. When one does not see themselves as separate there are no filters, only comprehension. When one comprehends something, it means that they are enveloped in total understanding of something. Think of the difference between observing something and […]

January 28th, 2011|All That Is, The One Mind|

The Garden

Every action and thought you do in this physical plane of existence, you do not only for yourself, but for all humanity—in fact, all the Universe. Every thought, word, or deed affects the overall Consciousness of your planet. You are not different, you are not unique from the Universe upon whose shoulders you stand: for you are the Universe.

You are the breadth of space, you are the dust of stars in physical consciousness. You think too little of yourselves, too myopic in seeing your full effect upon the entirety of All That Is. You, and others upon this planet, and across the universe, are seeking to express the fullness of All That Is. Your destiny is to understand the mystery that is unfolding before you–that everything is holographic in nature, every plant, flower, insect, animal and yourselves exist in all dimensions.

Consider all possible possibilities and their participation in the Oneness of All That Is. Everything created has Consciousness—a Consciousness in which you participate and are one with. In your sacred writings it speaks of a garden in which Paradise resides. It is a belief that in the beginning all things were perfect, that humanity’s first form in nature was […]

January 27th, 2011|All That Is, Spirituality|

The Internet

The internet, not only in the third dimension, but also in the fourth dimension has had a profound effect on the consciousness and communion of humankind. It is emerging, the first glimmer of light over the eastern horizon shedding the light of a new day on the consciousness of humanity. When there is an advance in the consciousness of humanity, it is always reflected in advances on the physical plane of existence, usually in the areas of technology, medicine, and spirituality — but not limited to these.
Because of the internet’s electronic components, it is “a cousin” to our energies and easily adapted to.
The web is susceptible to any of the abuses human consciousness can deal out. You must make a decision in your consciousness to either be the spider or the fly. To each the web means greatly different things, either a source to capture all that you need and desire, or a trap in which to be devoured. Whatever one’s choices or even humanity’s, our energies are unaffected and travel freely within the components.
It is another avenue in which we can express ourselves and assist you.
When you sit in front of your computer screen, think of yourself standing in the […]

January 19th, 2011|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Shifting Signs

We would wish to comment on the recent developments regarding the astrological houses and the positional shift within your yearly calendar. Nothing in the universe is stagnant nor should it be. It is evidence that the clockwork of the universe is constantly in motion and shifting. This discovery is a small indicator of the greater shift that is occurring with the birth of a new age.

Human psyche, spiritual consciousness and the motion of the universe are inseparable. They are one grand organism that when combined creates the experience of existence. As we have mentioned in the past, the spiritual and physical are intertwined and interdependent upon each other. If the universe is a reflection of the consciousness that created it, then what does the universe’s movement and its influences upon its inhabitants tell you about its creator?
When you view existence as a holographic experience rather than diverse individual aspects, you can have a greater understanding of the universe and its creator.
In the clockwork of the universe, the movement of its individual parts has a direct and profound effect on the consciousness it expresses. Let us explain. The universe is a compilation of energy and an expression of consciousness in […]

January 18th, 2011|Awakening, Universe|

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