Every action and thought you do in this physical plane of existence, you do not only for yourself, but for all humanity—in fact, all the Universe. Every thought, word, or deed affects the overall Consciousness of your planet. You are not different, you are not unique from the Universe upon whose shoulders you stand: for you are the Universe.

You are the breadth of space, you are the dust of stars in physical consciousness. You think too little of yourselves, too myopic in seeing your full effect upon the entirety of All That Is. You, and others upon this planet, and across the universe, are seeking to express the fullness of All That Is. Your destiny is to understand the mystery that is unfolding before you–that everything is holographic in nature, every plant, flower, insect, animal and yourselves exist in all dimensions.

Consider all possible possibilities and their participation in the Oneness of All That Is. Everything created has Consciousness—a Consciousness in which you participate and are one with. In your sacred writings it speaks of a garden in which Paradise resides. It is a belief that in the beginning all things were perfect, that humanity’s first form in nature was perfection. We wish to tell you the garden still exists, find the garden in your lives, find the garden in your world and all will be well indeed. And why did God create the garden? That the Creator might walk with itself in the cool of the evening and that creator is you. That perfection has never left you.