The internet, not only in the third dimension, but also in the fourth dimension has had a profound effect on the consciousness and communion of humankind. It is emerging, the first glimmer of light over the eastern horizon shedding the light of a new day on the consciousness of humanity. When there is an advance in the consciousness of humanity, it is always reflected in advances on the physical plane of existence, usually in the areas of technology, medicine, and spirituality — but not limited to these.

Because of the internet’s electronic components, it is “a cousin” to our energies and easily adapted to.

The web is susceptible to any of the abuses human consciousness can deal out. You must make a decision in your consciousness to either be the spider or the fly. To each the web means greatly different things, either a source to capture all that you need and desire, or a trap in which to be devoured. Whatever one’s choices or even humanity’s, our energies are unaffected and travel freely within the components.

It is another avenue in which we can express ourselves and assist you.

When you sit in front of your computer screen, think of yourself standing in the terminal of a major airport. It is a portal, a jumping off point to your destination. A runway by its very purpose touches the world, makes you feel in contact with and closer to places far away. The same is true of the internet, when you sit at your computer, you are at the door way of virtually 30% of all the people on earth. With this realization comes great power, but also great responsibility.

We have an exercise for you. Sit in front of your computer with your email open, internet running, and open to a site of your choice.

We suggest you direct energy towards the internet and experience the almost electrical charge emanating from you to it.

Take note of what you experience. We will speak further of the power of the tool before you and its impact for enlightenment of your world.