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Simple Circles, Sacred Cycle

As we have indicated in the past, the symbol of the fourth dimension, the spiritual realms, is that of the circle. The circle is encompassing; all points upon its edge are equal to the center. When three-dimensionalized, the circle becomes a sphere, similar to that of the planet on which you dwell. Even the universe itself is circular in its form.
The impact of the circle goes beyond just the physical form of the universe but to how existence expresses within it.
The galaxy’s orbit, a center sun, the planets, their own unique fiery star, the years, the seasons, the days are all cyclical in nature. With each sunset is the promise of a new day. With the withering of a flower in the early fall frost is the promise of a blossom in the spring. With each death is a promise of a new birth.
Some see this impermanence and ever-changing existence as a detriment, when in fact, it is a statement of the continuity and continuation of the creative expression of existence. The circular and cyclical nature of physical existence is the direct interpretation and integration of the eternal here and the eternal now as physical expression. The cyclical nature […]

June 26th, 2014|Universe|

Times of Great Power

These times are times of great power and volatility. More than ever before one has a responsibility to keep their focus towards their desired goals and ends. That is not something to be afraid of; yet, something to be aware of in order that you might more fully participate and be responsible for your creations through respect and understanding of the creative force within you.

More and more individuals feel victimized which we find curious in a time when victimization has no place. More than ever before there is the information, the insight and the understanding available to take responsibility for your reality.
The creative forces of your psyche are more exposed and available than ever before in human history.
We have spoken to you of the rising of the energy upon this planet. You have read various speculations and accounts of what that transition would look like. We have spoken to you of the countdown. We have discussed with you the spiritual attributes of this shift and the change in consciousness–but what does that mean?
What is occurring as your very physical body is being inundated with a higher vibrational frequency?
You know what happens when someone is inundated with radiation. You are […]

June 19th, 2014|Empowerment, Energy|

The Perfect Present Moment

You have heard stated numerous times that all that exists is the now. That all power resides in the now. There are philosophies and even treatments that utilize this truth for both the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the participant. Yet the perfect present moment can seem illusive and unattainable when the fears of the future and the cowering guilt of the past impose upon your dominion of the moment.
How does one live in the eternity of the now in a temporal world? How does one conquer their fears of the future and set free the prisoners of their past? How does one create that perfect present moment?
The reality is that you have never, nor will you ever, exist anywhere but in the now. The concept of now, the present moment, is virtually the most consistent concept of creation. It is the evidence of Consciousness and the expression of All That Is. Existence finds its home there. So how does one release themselves from the prison bars of months and years and the lock that temporal existence imposes upon one’s consciousness?

Now, we would be foolhardy and we would be incorrect to insinuate that in the physical plane of […]

June 10th, 2014|Consciousness, Physicality, Universe|

Through the Thinning Veil

The veil of human consciousness which shrouds the reality and the truth of existence is self imposed by humanity’s forgetfulness. It is a temporary delineation between Knowingness and Unknowingness, Awareness and Unawareness. It is not a boundary created intentionally or as some religious beliefs explain as humanity’s fall from grace; rather it is the necessary and natural component of physicality becoming aware and awakened to its source and its destiny. In your holy writings it speaks of the paradise that existed and the garden in which it was lost. It was not by temptation nor arrogant defiling of the laws of “God” but rather a willing, loving, conscious sacrifice to lay down one’s conscious awareness of their divinity in order that physical creation that was not yet aware could become so.
The veil is not the obstacle.
The veil is the border in which human perception has limited itself in order that it might reach the deepest and most unknown aspects of itself so that it might become whole and complete. To truly be conscious of all things and an expressive being of divinity, one must overcome the obstacles of forgetfulness and the distraction of darkness; for, in truth, there is only […]

June 3rd, 2014|Awakening|

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