You have heard stated numerous times that all that exists is the now. That all power resides in the now. There are philosophies and even treatments that utilize this truth for both the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the participant. Yet the perfect present moment can seem illusive and unattainable when the fears of the future and the cowering guilt of the past impose upon your dominion of the moment.

How does one live in the eternity of the now in a temporal world? How does one conquer their fears of the future and set free the prisoners of their past? How does one create that perfect present moment?

The reality is that you have never, nor will you ever, exist anywhere but in the now. The concept of now, the present moment, is virtually the most consistent concept of creation. It is the evidence of Consciousness and the expression of All That Is. Existence finds its home there. So how does one release themselves from the prison bars of months and years and the lock that temporal existence imposes upon one’s consciousness?

perfect present moment

Now, we would be foolhardy and we would be incorrect to insinuate that in the physical plane of existence there is not temporality. Even the universe ticks to the beat of the universal clock of existence. Yet you are instructed, time is an illusion and told to pay it no mind. Both are true; yet, not really correct.

One of the greatest gifts of Consciousness is the wisdom to acknowledge the aspects of each dimension.

To deny time in the light of eternity would be to deny the darkness because there was a promised dawn. You live in a temporal world. Just as you care for your physical body that houses an infinite spirit, the same is true, honor temporality though it is housed in eternity.

As light shows you the way in the darkness, the perfect presence shows you the way through temporality. Being in the present is the light of your existence to show you through the way of your days, your months and your years. The perfect present moment is the acceptance and awareness that temporality, time and space are but handmaidens for Consciousness to explore and express itself more fully.

There are many houses of Consciousnesses and with each house of consciousness there is a physical expression born from it.

Far more complex than we wish to speak of now is the holographic nature of creation and Consciousness and its in finite expressions. To repeat, wisdom is Consciousness’ ability to acknowledge and respond to the individual aspect of each dimension. For an eternal spirit to contemplate itself in physicality, it must have temporality just as an infinite being must have space to comprehend itself in the physical plane. Physical limits and boundaries are not punishments or prisons, but rather doorways into dimensions yet to be explored.

perfect present momentIt is often the talk of those interested in spiritual communication and connection to speak of portals. This certain place is a portal. That certain area is a portal. And indeed, there are certain areas that energetically are more receptive to communication and connection with the spiritual realms. yet with that said, we will close with this truth:

The greatest portal on this plane of existence is human consciousness.

It is the only portal that allows the Consciousness of God to be expressed in its full knowingness of itself. When you behold the beauty of a flower, the song of a bird or a raging sea, you are the ambassador, the eyes and the ears of the consciousness which created these things to observe itself. At the same time, when one injures the planet, harms another by their own volition, they limit and, indeed, in time can extinguish the very creative force that brought them into existence. That is neither a threat nor a promise but the reality of choice. Do you wish to be the eyes, the hands, the ears, the mouth of the creator that brought forth all this magnificence that you see and experience or do you prefer not?

The choice is yours yet in this perfect, present moment you will find the light that will guide the way and the power to proceed to your destiny.