The veil of human consciousness which shrouds the reality and the truth of existence is self imposed by humanity’s forgetfulness. It is a temporary delineation between Knowingness and Unknowingness, Awareness and Unawareness. It is not a boundary created intentionally or as some religious beliefs explain as humanity’s fall from grace; rather it is the necessary and natural component of physicality becoming aware and awakened to its source and its destiny. In your holy writings it speaks of the paradise that existed and the garden in which it was lost. It was not by temptation nor arrogant defiling of the laws of “God” but rather a willing, loving, conscious sacrifice to lay down one’s conscious awareness of their divinity in order that physical creation that was not yet aware could become so.

The veil is not the obstacle.

The veil is the border in which human perception has limited itself in order that it might reach the deepest and most unknown aspects of itself so that it might become whole and complete. To truly be conscious of all things and an expressive being of divinity, one must overcome the obstacles of forgetfulness and the distraction of darkness; for, in truth, there is only knowingness.

This is a sacred journey, an epic adventure that rivals the very thought of creation and existence. Your consciousness proclaims and declares that nothing in creation is beyond the veilconscious awareness of the source or its oneness with its creator. The veil becomes thin and like a well-worn cloth, worn thin by millennia of searching and exploring. When held to the light of the truth one can peer through the frayed strands of crumbling old beliefs to behold and experience the truths beyond measure.

All creation simultaneously expands and spirals inward upon itself to become aware of itself, to fully experience itself. As stated in your old writings and stated many times before by us, it is you as the consciousness of God that allows God to walk amidst its gardens. You are the consciousness of creation in physical form, and you have taken upon yourself the robe of physicality and the armor of consciousness to become beingness in physical form.

And in that ever-encompassing spiral of universal awareness and internal exploration, humanity is on the threshold of stepping forward into the next plane of existence.

Though wondrous and marvelous, it is normal and natural just like the beauty of a rising sun is both the herald of a new day and a promise of another one to come. A new day of discovery. A new day of dawning, of awakening into the next level of awareness. Humanity is not the prisoner but the promise. Humanity is not the dominating one but the dominion. Humanity and its evolutionary process is in perfect step with the harmony and the balance of an ever-emerging universe.

Yet, for some, it is a difficult and a frightening perspective, to be called upon to surrender old belief systems.

The dance of divinity and its creation is an ever-intermingling of both aspects of itself. Humanity’s fears have caused what can be, should be and can still be an easy, natural progression from one house of consciousness to another. You neither need to conquer or surrender to the coming age but simply be willing to participate in it. As we have stated, this is a time of challenge, to look at where humanity has placed its power and its self identification; yet, at the same time this evolutionary phase of Consciousness allows the individual and the collective whole of humanity to re-revaluate and re-align themselves to the first cause of their existence.
When times ahead seem challenging or the old paradigms and systems of religion, government, finance and, yes, even health no longer seem to work—

look through the now well-worn veil and see the light of awareness shining brightly through the fibers of human consciousness.

You are not orphaned nor abandoned, perhaps even it is the light shining more brightly through that veil of human consciousness that has lit your reality and has allowed you to observe, inspect and re-evaluate that which you have collected and obtained in your life. The darkness is disappearing and you are given the opportunity to clean house, tidy up. You no longer need to hoard the beliefs of the past nor find a corner to hide from yourselves.

We celebrate with you. We rejoice with you. And the greatest insight we can give you is the light beyond the veil which you perceive is yourself calling to yourself to become all that you already are.

We are joyfully complete.