The One Mind

Balance versus Imbalance

Do you know why balance is so important on all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual? Why there is necessity of balance?

Balance allows the accessibility of All that Is.

Imbalance is the elimination of segments of possibilities.

Imbalance is energetic suicide to the access of All That Is; one begins to eliminate availability to potentiality.

Imbalance is a minimization of the thought process of the One Mind. It is a filter that literally not only distorts the image but also eliminates certain of the rays of light. It would be like removing one of the color spectrums from the picture.

Imbalance removes the existence of the projection upon The One Soul, the difference between a color and a black & white image. The blues, reds, yellow, magentas do not exist.

Imbalance is the master tool of the negative ego.

Imbalance strangles emotions, shuts off abundance.

Imbalance is born from a conscious intent to eliminate certain aspects as possibilities.

Imbalance is the effect, the result, of an internal choice. Therefore, as in any projection do not scramble to change what is on the screen. Go to the energetic source.

You can make your journey less arduous by balance.

Remember you create the balance by opening up the possibilities.

Balance does […]

July 15th, 2010|All That Is, Metaphysical, Spirituality, The One Mind|

Embracing the One

We would invite you often and readily to recall and remind yourself of your participation and presence in the oneness of All That Is. We have shared with you the primer. If your creative force that brings opportunities into your life is not strong, you need to embrace and encompass the One Mind. If your intuition, which is input from the realms and your awareness of what you perceive is manifested, is blurry and dull, you need to enhance your embrace of the One Thought. If your perceptions are not to your liking, if you are not in harmony and balance with your planet and the physical realms, you must embrace more fully the One Soul.

Now, how does one do that?
You are in limitation with the One Mind when you see yourself as limited.
If you box yourself into a corner, or into a little corner of possible reality, you must realize all possible realities are available. Remember that humanity has a tendency to attempt to change that which is projected rather than identify the source of that projection. Any limiting thought separates you from the One Mind. When you do not feel creativity and that energetic flow which is the fodder for creation in […]

April 27th, 2010|The One Mind|

Keep on Keeping On

Does the world exist in you? Or do you exist in the world? Does anything that you perceive exist? Are you a dweller in reality or is reality a dweller in you?

When you understand this dynamic you understand the creator and the created, the container and the contained. The only thing that truly exists is consciousness; and yes, indeed its three incorporated aspects: mind, thought and manifestation (soul), paralleling the concept of father, son, spirit.
Spirit not only moved upon the water, spirit was the water.
To perceive something is to identify it, to comprehend something is to incorporate it in your consciousness. Just as you have heard in your teachings that not being in the present is disempowering. The same is true, the less you comprehend a manifestation or the less you comprehend the One Mind, the more separate and disempowered you are from it. Remember that comprehension of physicality is to understand the manifestation through perfect insight. Insight without negative ego filters.
Perception is always third person; comprehension is always first person.
Even in writing there are three voices, first, second, and third. And often times, nearly all the time, one perceives that the third dimension is seen as height, width and depth. The […]

November 17th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind|


All That Is is made up of the potentiality created from the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. Every thought creates, therefore each individual’s creation varies just like the waves of light through a prism. The thought creates the definition and the potentiality is the choice. Choice, creation, and definition are the active expression in All That Is.
It is said that free will is a gift from a most loving creator father. Impossible. Free will is the very nature of Consciousness.
If the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul represent choice, definition and creation—how can there not be free will? And do you see that there can be no cause and effect upon it? No thing created it—it is the First Cause. It is the highest form of Consciousness for it enfolds upon itself and is not the resultant manifestation of any external thought process outside of itself.

This is an important concept to begin to work with.
Comprehension is when you understand the relationship between the choice, the creation, and the definition.
That is the practical application of the utilization of the the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul in the physical plane of existence. This […]

November 16th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind|

Faith as Surrender

Nothing, no action, no thought, no word, no emotion is outside this realm of consciousness. Take your fears and your guilt, those filters that stop you in your accessibility to the creative potentiality of the universe and surrender them.
Faith is another term for surrender.
The hope for things unseen, the faith that it can occur and the love that creates it is the Biblical concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. And love is indeed the greatest of them for dominion allows that which is in the ethereal to be manifested in the physical.
It is true that you must love that which you create.
So even those things that you find distasteful that you have created, you must have loved or you could not have created it. Just as light allows you to see, love allows you to manifest, even those things you perceive you do not desire.
With that insight you can come to understand that all things that are created, even in the most seemingly distressful circumstance, there is at its source a perfect projection of the mind of God.
Releasing those belief systems and acknowledging the potential of all good things unempowers your miscreation and […]

September 10th, 2009|All That Is, Awakening, The One Mind|

Becoming Like the One

Obviously, the One Mind has the ability to comprehend itself; so, one might ask why is there a need for the One Thought? The One Thought is the catalyst of the manifestations of the One Mind. It is Thought that is the creative force that reaches within the pool of resources of potentiality within the One Mind and places it upon the palette of creation. Divinity is self-generating and re-generating.

Therefore, with that in mind how does one live a life, how do they observe their reality? Where is the perfect perception being hindered by the filters of the ego construct? That is your task. That is your goal. Where are you being hindered?
What do you perceive would be the filters that would hinder you from the perfect perception of the mind of God in you?
Remember, you are in complete dominion and control of the filters you use to glean that which is acceptable and that which is not acceptable in your perception. Earnestly and diligently surrender the filter, and when it is truly surrendered, it is no longer in your reality. Individuals scramble to change the outer perception which cannot be changed unless their inner awareness is unfettered by […]

August 20th, 2009|The One Mind|

Eternity & Infinity

Eternal Now & Eternal Here
Perception is pure awareness of the Oneness of All That Is. This perception is projected through the lens of the mind which can become deformed and distorted through the negative ego consciousness, and this perception projected through the lens of one’s mind creates one’s awareness. As we have stated, physicality needs to be anchored. Your individual expression is anchored within your body, your body is anchored upon this planet. It gives you a place of perspective in a physical expression.

We wish to speak of the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now when unexpressed or unrecognized becomes time and the Eternal Here when unexpressed or unrecognized become space. It becomes the orientation within the physical plane of existence for the unseen Eternal Now and Eternal Here, an expression of the One Mind and the One Thought in the physical plane of existence.

So time and space, the now and the here, are physical expressions for orientation purposes of the One Mind and the One Thought. When one is residing in the One Mind and the One Thought, time and space cease to exist. So remember time and space as the expression of individuality are projections […]

June 3rd, 2009|Metaphysical, The One Mind|

One Liners from The One Mind

Spiritual mastery is being in control of you. Spiritual mastery is the utilization of spiritual power for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Human history is no different than a program in a computer, it is written by humans.

There is a source of love, peace, joy, contentment, that when you seek the divine fulfillment of those gifts, you will find it in the face of those whom you lovingly serve.

You are in service to God, God needs you in physical form. Unlock the prison doors and set God free.

You are the peace of God, the joy of God, the love of God, go forth this day in every task from the mundane to the sublime, shower it, cover it, immerse it in love and service.

Therein lies your peace. Therein lies your power, your strength. It is integration, recognition, acknowledgment. Three aspects of the one finding themselves.

The wonderful thing is you do not need to do anything at all. Divinity is effortless.

There is a fear that divine will is not good enough, the ego holds desperately on to its point of view and its options. All your pain and suffering comes from the false belief of how it […]

April 14th, 2009|The One Mind|

One liners from the One Mind

Let all the good things you do and all the good things that will come your way be an expression of the meaning of your life, not the source of it.

Physicality is the outward expression of consciousness. Everything you physically experience is born of the internal awareness.

Remember in all these conversations, we are sharing because you are so close, not because you are so far, we are refining and defining the path. It is going to happen in the twinkling of an eye, in a moment, in an instant when you least expect it the veil will fall and the internal reality of who you are will spill forth into your world.

Remembering that what you project outward is the source and the key of that which is returned.

Self-righteousness is an insidious de-evolution of the consciousness of All That Is. When you hold precious your own path, you will see all others as precious.

Savor the beauty of your life. Do not curse the vine on which you grow for the tree does not condemn its own roots as the roots are in service to the fruit although they never sees the light of day.

Good to remember that if your reality is […]

February 10th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind, Universe|

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