Spiritual mastery is being in control of you. Spiritual mastery is the utilization of spiritual power for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Human history is no different than a program in a computer, it is written by humans.

There is a source of love, peace, joy, contentment, that when you seek the divine fulfillment of those gifts, you will find it in the face of those whom you lovingly serve.

You are in service to God, God needs you in physical form. Unlock the prison doors and set God free.

You are the peace of God, the joy of God, the love of God, go forth this day in every task from the mundane to the sublime, shower it, cover it, immerse it in love and service.

Therein lies your peace. Therein lies your power, your strength. It is integration, recognition, acknowledgment. Three aspects of the one finding themselves.

The wonderful thing is you do not need to do anything at all. Divinity is effortless.

There is a fear that divine will is not good enough, the ego holds desperately on to its point of view and its options. All your pain and suffering comes from the false belief of how it should be, what it should be.