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Physical Existence

The Meaning of Physical Existence
There are volumes upon volumes written about the physical plane of existence, its laws and nature. There is a myriad of theses written to explain humanity’s existence but at the very fundamental levels, beyond scientific theory, lies a profound truth in understanding your physical existence.

Life by its very nature is a complex and profound set of circumstances, elements and events that create a spontaneous and regenerating, reactive and responsive physical being—a combination of the physical and the energetic. As most who are reading this are aware that energy has consciousness and degrees of energy have varying elements of awareness responsively and the ability to act and react to its environment. All this, though, can be documented. In spiritual theses and in scientific research.

Yet what is the meaning of physical existence? Its purpose, its source?
Physical existence is an absolutely necessary stepping stone in the process of creation returning to the Source.
As we have indicated in times past, creation is cyclical, the creator creates and the creation becomes the creator. It is a necessary element in the evolutionary process of return where Consciousness infuses itself, or more importantly evolves from that which is created.

What do we mean […]

July 30th, 2010|Creation, Physicality|


For God is the simplest of them all. The most complex of all creations is contained in the simple realization of self-awareness. The complexity of All That Is dwells at a single point of beingness. Humanity has a knack for complicating the simplest of information and insight. There is a perception that profoundness, the immensity or the importance of an event or a fact must, by its very nature, be complex.

Indeed, the analytical aspects of the human mind are of great value for maneuvering through the physical plane of existence. It is a tool just as a hand or a leg. It is not the creator of thoughts, the evaluator of insight or the catalyst of creation, it is simply a mechanism in which Consciousness can express. Our attempt to reiterate is not to diminish the rational, analytical mind of humanity but to put it in its proper prespective, in its proper place in the grand scheme of human existence and creation.
Consciousness and the information it contains is holographic in its nature, dimensional in its aspects, beyond cause and effect, and beyond discovery and learning.
It is a presence; it is a beingness in which all that is necessary for […]

July 21st, 2010|Awakening|

Balance versus Imbalance

Do you know why balance is so important on all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual? Why there is necessity of balance?

Balance allows the accessibility of All that Is.

Imbalance is the elimination of segments of possibilities.

Imbalance is energetic suicide to the access of All That Is; one begins to eliminate availability to potentiality.

Imbalance is a minimization of the thought process of the One Mind. It is a filter that literally not only distorts the image but also eliminates certain of the rays of light. It would be like removing one of the color spectrums from the picture.

Imbalance removes the existence of the projection upon The One Soul, the difference between a color and a black & white image. The blues, reds, yellow, magentas do not exist.

Imbalance is the master tool of the negative ego.

Imbalance strangles emotions, shuts off abundance.

Imbalance is born from a conscious intent to eliminate certain aspects as possibilities.

Imbalance is the effect, the result, of an internal choice. Therefore, as in any projection do not scramble to change what is on the screen. Go to the energetic source.

You can make your journey less arduous by balance.

Remember you create the balance by opening up the possibilities.

Balance does […]

July 15th, 2010|All That Is, Metaphysical, Spirituality, The One Mind|

Believing is Seeing

We have spoken to you of the temporal and special shifts that are and will occur in the changing of the age. Time and space begin to contract into one point of awareness and being.

Each and every age is one more step up the ladder in the awakening process and the return in conscious awareness to the Source which has created it.

What we have not spoken of are the physical senses and how they are affected by this dynamic and indeed radical shift in consciousness. Unlike some religious teachings and philosophies, the body is not a hindrance or obstacle to spiritual attainment. Why would the creative force create less than an efficient vehicle to propel the consciousness contained within it to the consciousness of All That Is?
With that said, it is important to investigate the shifts in sensory perception that are beginning to occur as the cusp of this new energetic field transcends around the planet.
What are senses? What do senses provide? How are senses utilized and interpreted? In the most basic of observation, senses provide you a mechanism in which to maneuver through your environment, to find food, to protect you from harm. The senses, the five senses, […]

July 13th, 2010|All That Is, Empowerment, Spirituality|

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