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Physical Existence

The Meaning of Physical Existence
There are volumes upon volumes written about the physical plane of existence, its laws and nature. There is a myriad of theses written to explain humanity’s existence but at the very fundamental levels, beyond scientific theory, lies a profound truth in understanding your physical existence.

Life by its very nature is […]

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For God is the simplest of them all. The most complex of all creations is contained in the simple realization of self-awareness. The complexity of All That Is dwells at a single point of beingness. Humanity has a knack for complicating the simplest of information and insight. There is a perception that profoundness, the […]

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Balance versus Imbalance

Do you know why balance is so important on all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual? Why there is necessity of balance?

Balance allows the accessibility of All that Is.

Imbalance is the elimination of segments of possibilities.

Imbalance is energetic suicide to the access of All That Is; one begins to eliminate availability to potentiality.

Imbalance […]

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Believing is Seeing

We have spoken to you of the temporal and special shifts that are and will occur in the changing of the age. Time and space begin to contract into one point of awareness and being.

Each and every age is one more step up the ladder in the awakening process and the return in conscious […]

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