The Meaning of Physical Existence

There are volumes upon volumes written about the physical plane of existence, its laws and nature. There is a myriad of theses written to explain humanity’s existence but at the very fundamental levels, beyond scientific theory, lies a profound truth in understanding your physical existence.

Life by its very nature is a complex and profound set of circumstances, elements and events that create a spontaneous and regenerating, reactive and responsive physical being—a combination of the physical and the energetic. As most who are reading this are aware that energy has consciousness and degrees of energy have varying elements of awareness responsively and the ability to act and react to its environment. All this, though, can be documented. In spiritual theses and in scientific research.

Yet what is the meaning of physical existence? Its purpose, its source?

Physical existence is an absolutely necessary stepping stone in the process of creation returning to the Source.

As we have indicated in times past, creation is cyclical, the creator creates and the creation becomes the creator. It is a necessary element in the evolutionary process of return where Consciousness infuses itself, or more importantly evolves from that which is created.

meaning of physical existenceWhat do we mean by that? Just as a seed contains all the elements to create a tree and its fruits, as a fertilized embryo has all coding necessary to recreate itself into the image of its parents, so it is with creation. Infused within the very primordial, subatomic aspects of physical creation, there is the seed for creation to become like its parent. And in this case, its parent is God, the universe, and the Source. So the meaning of physical existence is not a goal but rather a means, a step upon the spiral stairs unto the Consciousness of God. When there is life and even more so upon this planet, sentient beings who are consciously aware of their existence and hold within themselves that they exist—I AM—it is an indicator that this aspect of creation is on the verge of moving to the next step on the evolutionary process of return to its Source.

Physical reproduction and the reproduction of species shadow the evolutionary process of Consciousness in the universe and universes.

Deep seated in the very subatomic structure is all the coding necessary for the entirety of what you perceive to become that which created it. You, as humanity, have been blessed and called upon to be in service, to assist creation to take the next vital step. The planet would be barren without you, and you as a species would be non-existent without the planet.

Consciousness was not infused in creation it was born from it. Yes, there are those of the realms and the higher levels of Consciousness that assist you, but even their consciousness was born from the very substance of their being. The Big Bang as scientist identify was the conception of Physicality and Consciousness, that moment when Beingness exploded into all that you are consciously aware of. Every element, every aspect of creation which you encounter holds within its very substance that same, infinite and eternal coding.