For God is the simplest of them all. The most complex of all creations is contained in the simple realization of self-awareness. The complexity of All That Is dwells at a single point of beingness. Humanity has a knack for complicating the simplest of information and insight. There is a perception that profoundness, the immensity or the importance of an event or a fact must, by its very nature, be complex.

Indeed, the analytical aspects of the human mind are of great value for maneuvering through the physical plane of existence. It is a tool just as a hand or a leg. It is not the creator of thoughts, the evaluator of insight or the catalyst of creation, it is simply a mechanism in which Consciousness can express. Our attempt to reiterate is not to diminish the rational, analytical mind of humanity but to put it in its proper prespective, in its proper place in the grand scheme of human existence and creation.

simplicityConsciousness and the information it contains is holographic in its nature, dimensional in its aspects, beyond cause and effect, and beyond discovery and learning.

It is a presence; it is a beingness in which all that is necessary for human existence to dip their ladle of curiosity and exploration, and to drink deeply of its insight and awareness.

Consciousness always expresses an inward awareness and one is not separate from that which they contemplate or are aware of. While rational thinking always places that which one observes outside oneself, objectifying rather than subjectifying one’s experience. Therefore, complexity, confusion and chaos are born from humanity’s feeble attempts to rationalize their existence with the analytical thought process. Rather allow your Consciousness to be your master and the wonderful gifts of thought, of deductive and subjective reasoning, to be valuable tools to assist Consciousness to express physically in your lives. The secret, which all upon this plane have access to, is that when one goes within—the physical laws and applications of cause and effect, beginning and end, disintegrate—and you are able to maneuver within your physical existence in a manner you would never have perceived before.

simplicitySeek ownership of all that you encounter. Consume it into your consciousness and you become in dominion of it and you move beyond the physical limitations, laws and constraints of your life. Consciousness conquers all. Consciousness incorporates all into the perfect perception of beingness. Consciousness is the simplest of them all for at its center is the reality, the eternal truth, that you exist in the ever-present, ever-powerful personal perception of the I AM.

Become still, unclutter your chaotic minds and stand at the simplest yet the most profound of all truths, I AM.