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Reflections of The One Mind

The concept of individuality probably inflicts the greatest injury to the concept of All That Is. Individuality implies separateness and a boundary. Individuality is determined by external sources. The concept of individuality creates the walls.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a negative act from the internal I Am. All negativity stems from the concept of individuality. Individuality is the fertile ground of the negative ego’s reaction to the world in which it resides.

Individuality is a lonely child alienated from its source. That lonely “child” yearns to be close to that presence of “I Am”, that presence which is indeed God, the source of All That Is, the only common point in all the universe of all things.

When you stand in the awareness that “I” neither implies separation nor boundaries, and there is a billion times a billion consciousnesses declaring “I”, one experiences God.
Prophecy is an indicator of external actions based upon internal consciousness. Prophecy, or more appropriately, the subject matter of the predictions is an effect, not a cause. Often times individuals become so focused on the prophecy that they forget its meaning and message. There are numerous prophecies of global environmental disturbances, societal collapse, philosophical differences and clashes […]

December 28th, 2016|The One Mind|

The Master’s Touch

 The following excerpt is Chapter 9 from Mastery, The Method and The Meaning.

You have mastered the physical plane of existence when your conscious thoughts and spiritual being unite, and as a result, your life expresses the creative consciousness of creation. As a result, your actions, words and thoughts reflect that union.

As a master, you experience the physical plane of existence in a new way; for, when you are united to the consciousness of creation you see all that you encounter, be it the grass beneath your feet, the animal you consume or the individual that you interact with, as an expression and participant in that consciousness.

Though in dominion in your life, you are never in dominance. You neither seek to control nor can you be controlled; for, you alone are the master of your own destiny. You honor all things and judge nothing that you observe. You only see God in all things because you have experienced God in you.

The master merges into oneness and sees the self as inseparable from the physical world. The master’s touch, or presence, is that of the creator itself; for, the master becomes the incarnation of the consciousness of creation. The master experiences creation […]

July 19th, 2016|Awakening|

The Physiology of Consciousness

The expression of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force of divinity. The creator and the creation are in a unique relationship with each other, like a positive charge to a negative charge, or the north pole of a magnet to the south. It is because they both exist and respond to each other that an energy and an attraction are created which propels creation to be expressed in the physical plane of existence and observed by you.
What is that charge between consciousness and creation? What is their interrelationship?
As you are well aware, it is the opposite attributes of an electrical charge or polarization of molecules that attracts and creates an energy. The dynamic relationship between consciousness, always seeking to exist, and creation, always seeking to return to that which created it, produces the energy of existence. Consciousness is the potential, creation is the product of that possibility and beingness observes it. In the relationship between consciousness and creation, existence is born and the I AM of observation is made manifest.
This law of existence is evidenced throughout your physical environment.
From the study of quantum physics’  minutest atom to astronomy’s observation of the greatest star, both exhibit properties of this […]

June 2nd, 2016|Consciousness, Creation|

Expanding Horizons

What is a horizon? As soon as we mention it, you have an image in your mind. Perhaps looking out over the sea at the setting sun or perhaps from a mountaintop. Each is an example of a horizon yet each vividly different. There are many horizons: the horizon of vision, the horizon of thought and the horizon of consciousness to mention a few. But whatever the horizon is in reference to, there is one common aspect. It is a meeting point, a place of joining. Horizon is where two aspects of the same reference of reality meet. Where the earth meets the sky, thought meets inspiration and consciousness meets God.

Now that we have established a definition of horizon and have identified a common factor between all references to horizon, what other common aspects do they share. A horizon is also the point between the seen and the unseen. Horizon may be the end or the limit of visual perception, spiritual awareness or the conscious awareness; yet, each hold the promise of something more yet to be seen.

The next curiosity about horizon is that you can never reach it. It is always out there and moves with your change […]

May 18th, 2016|Awakening, Spirituality|

Personality of God

The following is an excerpt from The Seven Gifts of Consciousness, The Bounty of the Universe.

In this mini-book, we explore the intrinsic nature of consciousness in your life. Many religions have a list of attributes to be possessed and behaviors to be attained—gifts of spirit and acts of mercy—to mention just a few. Whatever the basis of your spiritual belief, there is a behavioral set of standards to be obtained. Reaching the standards in your life is generally accepted as an indicator that you are on the spiritual path of attainment.

There is truth to this belief that there are certain hallmarks of behavior that indicate spiritual grace. We would adjust that belief slightly by stating that the spiritual nature of consciousness expressed in physical form is not something so much to be attained—but accepted.

In this mini-book, we will discuss the seven gifts of cosmic consciousness, the nature of consciousness expressed in physical form. They are not so much goals to be reached but tools to be accepted in order to be conscious creators of your reality and in alignment with the creative force of All That Is.

Cosmic consciousness is said to be the personality of God. The seven gifts […]

May 2nd, 2016|All That Is, Consciousness|


What separates the thought from the manifestation is simply integration.
As we have spoken, you are not driven by your reality but by what is projected by your mind into your reality.

Your condemnation of others is simply judgement of yourself and the fear of your shortcomings. Be confident in yourself, focused on yourself.

The bite of the serpent can only sting you if you put your hand in its lair.

Now, these are some of the underlying reasons for challenges and processes in the journey to higher consciousness. To be fully and completely in the consciousness of God you must be fully conscious of all. It is that balance that creates paradise. If you have love in your heart, you have equal ability to hate. The key is where you put your focus.

You will always have equal light to the equal dark in your psyche. Do not be dismayed when you experience the negativity of darkness, just turn the light on.

God is the presence in existence, the harmonious song of All That Is dancing in beingness.
Consciousness seeks its own reward.
It is in the light, indeed, the light of innocence in the One Mind and the One Thought that the negativity is healed. […]

April 28th, 2016|Consciousness|

Energetic Cycles of Life

Just as the waxing and waning cycles of the moon affect the energetic inclinations of the inhabitants of the planet, so does the energetic cycles of life and the seasons across its hemispheres. The greater the amount of light, the more conducive the time is for growth and expansion. Even the animals mate in anticipation of birth during this time of growth so that their offspring will be born in the ever-increasing light and warmth of Spring.

You would find it enlightening to note that even human activities, such as productivity, expansion of programs and businesses, innovation and growth, mimic this natural pattern. Yes, modern society has been able to modify the effect of the natural cycle of the seasons, fending off the cold, and lighting the night. But still on a deep physiological and energetic level, humanity is still affected by and susceptible to these ebbs and flows of light and temperature. Not that human activities are determined by the seasons but if you live in a physical world, why wouldn’t the tendency to create be affected by this cyclical pattern of physical existence?

Throughout history there have been those who have read the stars and divination, observed nature’s ebbs […]

April 11th, 2016|Energy, Enlightenment, Physicality, Spirituality|

Interrelationship and Interdependency

The following is an excerpt from Cosmic Consciousness, The Personality of God Upon Creation.

The universal elements of interrelationship and interdependency expressed in all of creation are a vital part of the oneness of All That Is. It is the glue that holds the individual expressions of consciousness together in one unified physical expression.

Interrelationship and interdependency have nothing to do with either subservience or dependence. They are active rather than passive, meaning to be interdependent and have interrelationships is to be of assistance to the aspects of creation that you encounter and the whole you participate in.

Dependency and subservience are a passive state based on the belief of inadequacy or need; whereas, the dynamic of interrelationship and interdependency is that each element acknowledges and expresses its unique contribution to the whole.

The oneness of All That Is expresses that self-acceptance of all its individual parts. All of creation has a responsibility to participate in existence and assist those encountered. Your scriptures speak of “the body of Christ,” and other religious philosophies have similar symbolism. The analogy of the body is an excellent example of interrelationship and interdependency as expressed on a universal scale.

Each organ functions in an interdependent way with the other […]

March 19th, 2016|All That Is, Enlightenment|

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