The expression of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force of divinity. The creator and the creation are in a unique relationship with each other, like a positive charge to a negative charge, or the north pole of a magnet to the south. It is because they both exist and respond to each other that an energy and an attraction are created which propels creation to be expressed in the physical plane of existence and observed by you.

What is that charge between consciousness and creation? What is their interrelationship?

As you are well aware, it is the opposite attributes of an electrical charge or polarization of molecules that attracts and creates an energy. The dynamic relationship between consciousness, always seeking to exist, and creation, always seeking to return to that which created it, produces the energy of existence. Consciousness is the potential, creation is the product of that possibility and beingness observes it. In the relationship between consciousness and creation, existence is born and the I AM of observation is made manifest.

This law of existence is evidenced throughout your physical environment.

From the study of quantum physics’  minutest atom to astronomy’s observation of the greatest star, both exhibit properties of this relationship between the creator and the creator. The atom and the star have both been witnessed fluctuating in and out of existence, an atom in micro-seconds and the star in eons of time. Where do they go? They are fluctuating back and forth between potentiality and manifestation, the creator and the creation. On the grander scale, when a star dies and the origins of a black hole begins, what you are witnessing is the formation of a portal back to potentiality, a doorway back to the creator to be reborn in another star cluster. The atom and the universe are simply different degrees of the same creative blueprint.

How does that affect you in your daily life?

It gives some understanding as to why there is a cyclical nature to existence, the emergence of the leaf upon the tree in spring only to drift down to earth in the fall to be reborn again. The dynamic directive of creation is that the moment creation exists, it seeks to return to the creator; and the creator, at the very moment it returns to potentiality, seeks to re-express itself—and thus is the spiral stairs unto the consciousness of God.

In the light of this understanding, the temporality and the limited nature of physical existence becomes less threatening.

It is not a damnation, rather it is a destiny. The goal is that you will come to a point in your participation in your fluctuation between the creator and creation that physical death will not be necessary, where your physicality and consciousness will become one and the same.

As we have indicated, the relationship between the creator and the creation is expressed in the minutest atom or the greatest universe. So when the flower, your pet, or best friend dies, celebrate for they are becoming potentiality in order to return to creation. As you awaken, there will no longer be sadness or the feeling of loss for you will stand at a place of beingness that comprehends both worlds.

The belief in death is just an initial step as physical entities learn to participate in this dynamic dance between the creator and the creation. It is not your destiny, nor should it be your desire, to remain in either realm without the desire to return to the other. When you can stand in the awareness of the creator and the creation, they simply become the right and left hands of your existence. That is why it is spoken in holy scriptures that Jesus was at the right hand of God, indicating the creator and the creation are the expression of existence.

Even your need for food is a temporary fix until you stand in the conscious awareness of existence.

Until then you need to be consistently incorporating the elements of physical creation into your spiritual nature or you cease to exist. Once you stand in that place of existence, you are no longer dependent on air, food or water to sustain your connection to the physical form. Those of the realms neither need to eat nor breathe, but exist and are fed from the conscious awareness of All That Is.

We have sought to open the door of understanding into the foundational structure of the relationship between the creator and the creation, and the energetic expression of existence born from that interaction. We hope we have given you insight into what seems to be a temporal world, but, in truth, is an eternal expression of the dance of existence. Perhaps we have given insight into why there could be the possibility and potential of many lifetimes, and how nothing is lost but only changed.

The wonderful part and how we will end this concept is that with each and every cycle between the creator and the creation, their fragrance rubs off on each other. With every cycle, the creator becomes more like the creation, and the creation becomes more like the creator, forever and ever and ever—and thus is the divine destiny of the consciousness of creation in physical form.