The concept of individuality probably inflicts the greatest injury to the concept of All That Is. Individuality implies separateness and a boundary. Individuality is determined by external sources. The concept of individuality creates the walls.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a negative act from the internal I Am. All negativity stems from the concept of individuality. Individuality is the fertile ground of the negative ego’s reaction to the world in which it resides.

Individuality is a lonely child alienated from its source. That lonely “child” yearns to be close to that presence of “I Am”, that presence which is indeed God, the source of All That Is, the only common point in all the universe of all things.

When you stand in the awareness that “I” neither implies separation nor boundaries, and there is a billion times a billion consciousnesses declaring “I”, one experiences God.


Prophecy is an indicator of external actions based upon internal consciousness. Prophecy, or more appropriately, the subject matter of the predictions is an effect, not a cause. Often times individuals become so focused on the prophecy that they forget its meaning and message. There are numerous prophecies of global environmental disturbances, societal collapse, philosophical differences and clashes of war. The error of prediction or prophecy is to perceive that humanity is on some train track heading blindly and passively towards certain destinations. Nothing in the future in what you call the concept of time is firm; the past does not exist; the present moves through a series of choices and consequences.

The prophets of old predicted correctly many events and circumstances regarding countries and people. When you understand prophecy truly as a prediction, all things remain the same within a degree. I light a match and put it on a piece of paper, I can predict that the paper will burn. I can light a match and choose not to light the paper even though it was predicted. Prophetical events are indicators of consciousness.


In ancient times sacrifice was an important part of most religious rituals and was carried over into the Judeo-Christian belief system. The one sacrificed was the bridge between the human and divine offered to the gods as an appeasement, a petition, or in celebration because the one performing the sacrificial ritual did not feel worthy or in communion with the divine. Humanity has always perceived there must be an intermediary between themselves and the divine, in actuality it would benefit humanity to see the integration of their actions and thoughts as the intermediary.

Sacrifice of its very nature, be it self-sacrifice, the sacrificing of another to a god or upon the cross for the sins of humanity, the very concept of sacrifice creates a chasm between the divine and the human. The man, Jesus, died and sacrificed himself for his own beliefs. So integrated was the knowledge of who he was that his actions and thoughts were in alignment–and they were manifest into reality. His resurrection was the spiritual regeneration, the energetic vibration of actions and thoughts in pure alignment propelled by emotion. Like any human he desired a full and complete life; yet, he was quite aware that there was no loss and he walked bravely, knowingly and effortlessly from one dimension to the next. It is, indeed, a powerful statement of the eternal existence of humanity when one of the children ascends.


When we speak of The One Mind and The One Thought creating beingness, we are speaking of conscious awareness, perception, and cognitive creation. Beingness does not necessarily have anything to do with physicality. Beingness is created from the union of The One Mind and The One Thought. You are the Consciousness created from the merging of The One Mind and The One Thought. Physicality is birthed from the thought of beingness. You do not have to be physical to be. Physicality is when consciousness utilizes the environmental elements around it to express consciousness. So, beingness is Consciousness, not the creation. From that consciousness comes the creation, physicality, the elemental structures of all physical nature throughout the expanse of the universe.

Negative Ego

You are human, you are individualized, you do have a negative ego. The problem is that humanity spends its existence fighting against the negative ego. In reality, if one would pursue with the same diligence the awareness of The One Mind and The One Thought it would asphyxiate the negative ego. To fight the negative ego is like fighting darkness. To turn on the light takes no energy at all. Indeed, you have your processes, even in the light of The One Mind and The One Thought there are things to be healed, but not to be confronted. In the confrontation itself you empower the negative thoughts. Resist not evil and it will flee.

Ego and Distraction

That is the challenge that humanity faces. Not to be distracted by events outside itself but to bring peace and balance within. The greatest force of the negative ego is to distract from oneself. In The One Mind and The One Thought there can be no terror for there is no fear.

Aphorisms from The One Mind

What separates the thought from the manifestation is simply integration.

You are not driven by your reality but by what is projected by your mind into your reality.

Your condemnation of others is simply judgement of yourself and the fear of your shortcomings. Be confident in yourself, focused on yourself.

The bite of the serpent can only sting you if you put your hand in its lair.

Now these are some of the underlying reasons for challenges and processes in the journey to higher consciousness. To be fully and completely in the consciousness of God you must be fully conscious of all. It is that balance that creates paradise. If you have love in your heart, you have equal ability to hate. The key is where you put your focus.

You will always have equal light to the equal dark in your psyche. Do not be dismayed when you experience the negativity of darkness–just turn the light on.

God is the presence in existence, the harmonious song of All That Is dancing in beingness.