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A Fish Out of Water

Humanity is like a fish out of water or a bird that is unaware of the air when it comes to the awareness of Spirit in the Universe. When the bird understands the dynamics of air, and the fish the properties of water, they are able to maneuver in their environment and excel. Humanity on the other hand often times stumbles its way through its environment seemingly distracted or uninterested in understanding its properties.

In the grand scheme of things, how does individual perception play a role or does it? Is it a creation and a property of the oneness of All That Is—or is it an artificial construct of humanity in order to maneuver and survive the physical plane of existence? Machinery is made up of pieces. A clock’s spring is unique and its hands different. The human body has fingers and toes, legs and arms, hands and feet, they are uniquely different—yet, they are One. Be it the parts of a clock or the parts of the body, they are interrelated and connected by a common whole. So it is with the universe. So it is with All That Is.
Oneness is the interconnectivity of the Universe. So it is with All […]

December 27th, 2009|All That Is, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Universe|

The Impossible Dream

To Dream the Impossible Dream
Perhaps the battering and bruising that can occur in your life might cause you to feel disassociated and powerless to accomplish your goals. When this occurs we wish for you to call upon the source of All That Is which is at your command. At these times, we wish for you you to embrace your Oneness. Do not perceive yourself alone or separate from what you need. You have access and connection with everything that exists. Everything you want, everything you desire, everything you need is present.

Lift yourself up from your confusion, frustration, despair, and the defeat that you feel in your heart and believe. Believe and know in the midst of it all, that all is well in your world. You are united with and inseparable from the mind of God and the Consciousness of All That Is. As you lift yourself up from your own creation of despair, denial, refusal and doubt you lift all of humanity in Consciousness. You have had your garden of agony, allow the light of All That Is to burn off the negativity and free you. We wish for you to be transformed into the living, conscious beings of All That Is. We wish […]

December 26th, 2009|Metaphysical|

Tranquil Seas of Consciousness

Upon the tranquil seas of your life experiences, you can find the inner understanding and meaning to your existence. But those waters often become tossed and turned by the negative ego conscious, thereby limiting that understanding. Human existence is fraught with many challenges. This truth is not a condemnation to a life of stress and anxiety; for, you are conquerors by consciousness without ever lifting the sword of power, the knife of vengeance or the club of retaliation. You are the spiritual warriors, the peaceful participants in your world.

Peace, love, wisdom and dominion are your shield, your helmet, your armor and your sword. All that is not in alignment with the Consciousness of God is not eternal. It takes a consistent, constant consciousness to maintain that which is not in the mind of God such as hatred, aggression, dominance and darkness. Those things that have eternally existed need no external attention for them to exist. At the moment of creation there was only light. The point of creation resided in a sea of possibility and potential, not darkness. It is the human belief in duality in which the concept of darkness was created. When, in reality, there are only degrees of light. It […]

December 18th, 2009|Consciousness|

2012 – A new address in Consciousness

There is much talk what events will occur upon your planet in 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Even your entertainment industry has grabbed a hold of the “buzz” and has created a virtual end of the world. Obviously, the Hopi and Mayan calendars and prophesies are beginning to loom on the horizon of humanity’s consciousness, much like the shift of the millennia and the Y2K controversy and scare of the past.

If one was to be an astute student of the prophesies of the coming age, they would see that they herald more of a beginning than an end. Yet with every beginning there is an ending. It is the cycle throughout nature and human history.
Change is inevitable and, hopefully, growth is a partner in that shift.
Your planet is always in movement. The earth changes that are predicted are part of the natural and ordinary events of any celestial body. There are, have been and will be times of more dynamic and perhaps catastrophic shifts in the environment. Humanity must remind itself that it is a species of creation and is not separate from the kingdoms and the laws that govern them. When humanity understands its place in […]

December 7th, 2009|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Keep on Keeping On

Does the world exist in you? Or do you exist in the world? Does anything that you perceive exist? Are you a dweller in reality or is reality a dweller in you?

When you understand this dynamic you understand the creator and the created, the container and the contained. The only thing that truly exists is consciousness; and yes, indeed its three incorporated aspects: mind, thought and manifestation (soul), paralleling the concept of father, son, spirit.
Spirit not only moved upon the water, spirit was the water.
To perceive something is to identify it, to comprehend something is to incorporate it in your consciousness. Just as you have heard in your teachings that not being in the present is disempowering. The same is true, the less you comprehend a manifestation or the less you comprehend the One Mind, the more separate and disempowered you are from it. Remember that comprehension of physicality is to understand the manifestation through perfect insight. Insight without negative ego filters.
Perception is always third person; comprehension is always first person.
Even in writing there are three voices, first, second, and third. And often times, nearly all the time, one perceives that the third dimension is seen as height, width and depth. The […]

November 17th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind|


All That Is is made up of the potentiality created from the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. Every thought creates, therefore each individual’s creation varies just like the waves of light through a prism. The thought creates the definition and the potentiality is the choice. Choice, creation, and definition are the active expression in All That Is.
It is said that free will is a gift from a most loving creator father. Impossible. Free will is the very nature of Consciousness.
If the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul represent choice, definition and creation—how can there not be free will? And do you see that there can be no cause and effect upon it? No thing created it—it is the First Cause. It is the highest form of Consciousness for it enfolds upon itself and is not the resultant manifestation of any external thought process outside of itself.

This is an important concept to begin to work with.
Comprehension is when you understand the relationship between the choice, the creation, and the definition.
That is the practical application of the utilization of the the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul in the physical plane of existence. This […]

November 16th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind|

Weathering Nature

Weathering Nature, Weathering Human Nature
Storms have troubled mankind throughout the history. It is part of living on this planet. The lesson to be learned, or at least brought to consciousness, is that humanity does not work with nature. If an area is prone to earth quakes, why build great cities? If an area is prone to great storms, why build below sea level?
Humanity has great difficulty with what it cannot control or does not have power over.
Humanity is like the belligerent child who tests its limits to such an extent that mother earth reprimands.

Indeed, Consciousness plays a part in natural events, but Consciousness is not the creator of the event. Consciousness is the cause that puts one in harm’s way. Do you perceive that if you were to remove all the inhabitants from the planet, that earthquakes and storms would cease?
Throughout the millennia of history, cataclysmic, environmental events have been utilized for cleansing.
And that is primarily because consciousness locates itself in the area that cleansing is most likely to occur. Why would you not expect sooner or later a hurricane to hit New Orleans? When the “big one” comes on the west coast and the great buildings topple into […]

November 5th, 2009|Physicality|

Theories on the Fall

There are many theories on humanity’s fall from grace. Religions, philosophers, theologians have sought to understand and explain the human condition. In your writings and philosophies, you speak of that critical time, that critical mass of consciousness where forgetting occurred. Scripture, holy writings speaks of humanity’s emerging awareness of knowledge of good and evil.

Understanding what has been forgotten gives insight into what is to be to remembered.
It is not God that has been forgotten, but one’s union with All That Is.
There can only be negativity when you step outside your true self . All negativity is born from an external observation rather than an internal awareness.

So that is the rule of the day. In your daily activities, in your thought processes, in your words you seeking the Oneness of All That Is. These are the steps. Paradise is created by the awareness of All That Is. How large a portion of God do you wish to be? The negative ego would wish for you to believe that what is inside is negative and corrupted. The truth is that nothing within you can be negative, but negativity around you can so squeeze and squash you down so that you begin […]

October 29th, 2009|All That Is, Creation|

The Chick in the Egg

Conscious awakening is like the chick in the egg who when it reaches its full gestation must make a choice to remain or take all of its energy and break forth. The chick in the egg has utilized all the nutrients that were available and needs to break out into a larger world to continue to grow.
In like manner, when one is unwilling to expand their consciousness, to move beyond their limited world, it ceases to nurture them.
The physical world can no longer nurture their growing body. This situation becomes a catalyst to move them into the next level of understanding and physical expression. It is of value to contemplate why one would choose not to express more fully. Why is there comfort in staying in the seclusion of ones little reality or belief systems? What is the fear? And how can they be assured of the wonders of what lies beyond “their shell”?
The challenge is to break forth from the shell not because it is a prison, but rather a cradle.
Perhaps humanity thought the shell to be the destination. Could your world simply be the egg which nurtured you and now to continue to grow? Humanity must reach […]

October 24th, 2009|Awakening|

On Dominion

Dominion is the rock upon which you stand, when you stand upon your dominion you send forth an invincible power.

You surrender your beliefs and emotions; for, it is in the subjectification of oneself that separates one from the mind of God.

There is no power outside you in your life that can defeat dominion, no matter what happens.

When one is truly in dominion there is no need to fear. No need to hide; for, there is nothing in their reality that can harm them that is not in alignment with the seat of your soul.

Go forth today victorious for there is nothing outside you that is more powerful than that which is within you. You are all powerful.

Each judgement is a direct attack upon oneself.

The demons in the darkness are of your creation indeed, but they are not to harass you or overpower you. They are rather your victorious moment. How does one bring light into the pit? From their mind–you starve these demons you have created by an undeniable ability to be in the consciousness of All That Is.

That is why paradise became purgatory when humanity lost the awareness that this physical plane of existence was their playground. The […]

October 7th, 2009|Empowerment|

Infinite Soul

The expansion of Consciousness is a powerful and unique evolutionary process in the reality of human existence. The concept of individuality can be likened to a pinhole in a veil in which the light of understanding, insight and knowledge is able to be perceived from a myopic point of view. The expansion of consciousness is not simply a mental process, it is a physical, emotional and, indeed, a spiritual evolution in consciousness. When the world becomes part of you, like a hand or a leg, when all whom you encounter is truly an aspect of yourself.

Consciousness can only be perceived by the soul. The physical mind is incapable of comprehending the expansiveness contained in All That Is. In the fall of humanity from the conscious awareness of God, the mind as one knows it has falsely become responsible for perception. Your mind’s job is to protect, guide, maneuver through and around one’s physical existence.
The soul is the center of Consciousness and that is what humanity is being called upon to reignite, reinvigorate, revitalize, and resurrect.
Consciousness resides in the soul, and from there all things can be comprehended. That is the challenge and the adventure that humanity is being called […]

October 5th, 2009|Soul|

Faith as Surrender

Nothing, no action, no thought, no word, no emotion is outside this realm of consciousness. Take your fears and your guilt, those filters that stop you in your accessibility to the creative potentiality of the universe and surrender them.
Faith is another term for surrender.
The hope for things unseen, the faith that it can occur and the love that creates it is the Biblical concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. And love is indeed the greatest of them for dominion allows that which is in the ethereal to be manifested in the physical.
It is true that you must love that which you create.
So even those things that you find distasteful that you have created, you must have loved or you could not have created it. Just as light allows you to see, love allows you to manifest, even those things you perceive you do not desire.
With that insight you can come to understand that all things that are created, even in the most seemingly distressful circumstance, there is at its source a perfect projection of the mind of God.
Releasing those belief systems and acknowledging the potential of all good things unempowers your miscreation and […]

September 10th, 2009|All That Is, Awakening, The One Mind|

Consciousness of Dominion

Physical expression is arbitrary and forever changing. Consciousness is eternal. Your physical locale, your chronological place in existence, your physical expression are only limitations when one separates themselves from the consciousness of All That Is. When one reunites in The One Mind and The One Thought, access to the totality of creation, inter-dimensionally, spatially and chronologically are available. It was never meant to be that individual consciousness would be orphaned from the eternal mind of All That Is.
Just as a hand or a leg identifies with the mind that directs them, so, it was to be in the beginning that physical expression was just an instrument, truly a pen, in the hand of God.
It is understood that humanity faced a fall in Consciousness. Some see it as a spiritual punishment for wrong doing. The more metaphysical approach to this fall is humanity’s loss of its conscious awareness of All That Is through the lowering of its vibrations as it entered the third dimensional plane of existence. Whatever one’s belief system is, one thing remains the same, humanity is striving to return to a state of perfection.
The fall of humanity is a gift from the souls that chose to participate […]

August 24th, 2009|Consciousness, Physicality|

Becoming Like the One

Obviously, the One Mind has the ability to comprehend itself; so, one might ask why is there a need for the One Thought? The One Thought is the catalyst of the manifestations of the One Mind. It is Thought that is the creative force that reaches within the pool of resources of potentiality within the One Mind and places it upon the palette of creation. Divinity is self-generating and re-generating.

Therefore, with that in mind how does one live a life, how do they observe their reality? Where is the perfect perception being hindered by the filters of the ego construct? That is your task. That is your goal. Where are you being hindered?
What do you perceive would be the filters that would hinder you from the perfect perception of the mind of God in you?
Remember, you are in complete dominion and control of the filters you use to glean that which is acceptable and that which is not acceptable in your perception. Earnestly and diligently surrender the filter, and when it is truly surrendered, it is no longer in your reality. Individuals scramble to change the outer perception which cannot be changed unless their inner awareness is unfettered by […]

August 20th, 2009|The One Mind|


A martyr comes when one perceives that they must suffer or injure themselves in someway for someone else’s benefit. “Look at what I have to go through in order for all these people to learn.” Martyrdom is an abdication of responsibility and participation in one’s own lessons.
There never has been or ever will be an appropriate martyr. Even Jesus.
Individuals may be inspired by someone’s stick-to-itiveness even to the point of demise, but what you are learning is that in the process of saving yourself, in connecting yourself to the divine, you inspire others to do the same. A true master does not reflect their own divinity, but the divinity of those around them. The more you are in the One Mind and the One Thought the more others see it in themselves.
Jesus was a good mirror; in His presence one saw their own divinity.
Divinity cannot be beheld other than in yourself. Think of anyone you see as holy or spiritual, and they uplift you. You are uplifted in their presence because they are a mirror for you to see your own divinity. Any individual of the universe that directs its attention unto itself is not of the Christ Consciousness.

August 17th, 2009|Metaphysical|

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