Upon the tranquil seas of your life experiences, you can find the inner understanding and meaning to your existence. But those waters often become tossed and turned by the negative ego conscious, thereby limiting that understanding. Human existence is fraught with many challenges. This truth is not a condemnation to a life of stress and anxiety; for, you are conquerors by consciousness without ever lifting the sword of power, the knife of vengeance or the club of retaliation. You are the spiritual warriors, the peaceful participants in your world.

Peace, love, wisdom and dominion are your shield, your helmet, your armor and your sword. All that is not in alignment with the Consciousness of God is not eternal. It takes a consistent, constant consciousness to maintain that which is not in the mind of God such as hatred, aggression, dominance and darkness. Those things that have eternally existed need no external attention for them to exist. At the moment of creation there was only light. The point of creation resided in a sea of possibility and potential, not darkness. It is the human belief in duality in which the concept of darkness was created. When, in reality, there are only degrees of light. It is in the grand exploration of existence that the waters of consciousness become muddied by stirring that which was not created.

tranquil seasDivinity, God, the Source, must have all potentiality, all possibility to be all powerful and all present. Therefore, you, the vehicle of God Consciousness in physical form determine what will be created in your reality. Seek the eternal, release that which is human creation, be mindful of that which is in the mind of God.

You truly are intimately connected and inseparable from the consciousness of All That Is. Be the peaceful, powerful spiritual warriors upon this plane of existence. Be assistive to yourself and others following the path of light transforming your world and your reality into paradise it was created to be. Your inner voice and your inner being has access to All That Is and the wisdom it holds for as your brother calmed the Sea of Galilee, you have the same capacity to calm the seas of your life. The eternal is always loving, always peaceful, always for your highest good. That which is not of love and light, when unfed by the flames of negative ego conscious thinking, fades like smoke on the wind.