Conscious awakening is like the chick in the egg who when it reaches its full gestation must make a choice to remain or take all of its energy and break forth. The chick in the egg has utilized all the nutrients that were available and needs to break out into a larger world to continue to grow.

In like manner, when one is unwilling to expand their consciousness, to move beyond their limited world, it ceases to nurture them.

The physical world can no longer nurture their growing body. This situation becomes a catalyst to move them into the next level of understanding and physical expression. It is of value to contemplate why one would choose not to express more fully. Why is there comfort in staying in the seclusion of ones little reality or belief systems? What is the fear? And how can they be assured of the wonders of what lies beyond “their shell”?

The challenge is to break forth from the shell not because it is a prison, but rather a cradle.

Perhaps humanity thought the shell to be the destination. Could your world simply be the egg which nurtured you and now to continue to grow? Humanity must reach out to a universal existence much like the chick in the shell to the barnyard.

It is helpful to understand that before the chick broke forth from the shell, there was sense of complacency, for a moment it felt whole and complete. Yet the day would come when it must break forth to grow and even survive. There is comfort in the fact that the chick does not leave it’s shell until it is ready physically to move into its new world.

So it is with you, as you break forth into a new world, a new realm, you are ready!