Physical expression is arbitrary and forever changing. Consciousness is eternal. Your physical locale, your chronological place in existence, your physical expression are only limitations when one separates themselves from the consciousness of All That Is. When one reunites in The One Mind and The One Thought, access to the totality of creation, inter-dimensionally, spatially and chronologically are available. It was never meant to be that individual consciousness would be orphaned from the eternal mind of All That Is.

Just as a hand or a leg identifies with the mind that directs them, so, it was to be in the beginning that physical expression was just an instrument, truly a pen, in the hand of God.

It is understood that humanity faced a fall in Consciousness. Some see it as a spiritual punishment for wrong doing. The more metaphysical approach to this fall is humanity’s loss of its conscious awareness of All That Is through the lowering of its vibrations as it entered the third dimensional plane of existence. Whatever one’s belief system is, one thing remains the same, humanity is striving to return to a state of perfection.

The fall of humanity is a gift from the souls that chose to participate that there is no place in any corner of creation where the consciousness of God does not reside.

dominionYou are born from the very earth in which you dwell. Intrinsic within all of creation is the ability, the seed elements, for that creation to be able to express the conscious awareness of God.

Be most assured that you are no greater than your brothers and sisters of the plant and animal kingdom. In fact, you are born from them, at least the animal kingdom. Your species is simply the most developed to express most fully the conscious awareness of God. Therefore, you are in dominion but not dominance. Look upon the earth, look upon its inhabitants and bless them for without them you would not exist. This planet is alive with consciousness, vibrant, living. The earth would not be the same without you, and you could not be the same without the earth.

So intrinsic within every element of creation is the ability for that creation to cognitively express the conscious awareness of God.

The rock, the tree, the tiger bow to you; for you are the chosen ones and with that choice comes the responsibility to be the ambassadors of the creator to its creation. If you were sent from a mighty king to a neighboring kingdom to represent that monarch to another, would you trample their fields? Would you slaughter their herds? Would you destroy their cities? Would you destroy their inhabitants? So much more are you the ambassadors to this planet. You were elected from amongst all the possible creations to express fully and consciously the awareness and the mind of God. Your brothers and sisters, the plants and animals, look to you to be the expression of the creator who created you all.

So as this emissary of this mighty monarch, how would you act?

How would you wish for the inhabitants of the kingdom in which you visit to perceive you? It saddens every tree, and the leopard weeps when the potential of the human expression of the consciousness of God falls short. It is not an idle thing to say that you are God walking amongst the earth’s gardens and its kingdoms. When you reach down to pet one of your domesticated animals, it is the hand of the creator reaching out to touch the heart of creation. When one lays its life down for you, so that you might live, the creator and the creation share the same banquet in celebration of the existence of life. Paradise will fully return when humanity again takes its rightful position, responsibility to be the hands, the eyes, the mouth, the feet, the ears of God.

The planet weeps as a parent with what you have done to yourselves.

In these days prior to the great shift in consciousness, do not miss this opportunity to reach the potential of being the living, breathing consciousness; and in that, you are connected to the universal consciousness. Therein lies The One Mind and The One Thought, therein lies your destiny.

This is not admonishment but rather a re-invitation to become that which you fear to be.

Celebrate and rejoice that when you reach out and touch your world it is blessed by your presence for therein lies the secret for all creation, that the creator and the creation are truly one, and without each other there would be none.