Nothing, no action, no thought, no word, no emotion is outside this realm of consciousness. Take your fears and your guilt, those filters that stop you in your accessibility to the creative potentiality of the universe and surrender them.

Faith is another term for surrender.

The hope for things unseen, the faith that it can occur and the love that creates it is the Biblical concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. And love is indeed the greatest of them for dominion allows that which is in the ethereal to be manifested in the physical.

It is true that you must love that which you create.

So even those things that you find distasteful that you have created, you must have loved or you could not have created it. Just as light allows you to see, love allows you to manifest, even those things you perceive you do not desire.

With that insight you can come to understand that all things that are created, even in the most seemingly distressful circumstance, there is at its source a perfect projection of the mind of God.

Releasing those belief systems and acknowledging the potential of all good things unempowers your miscreation and opens your life to the perfect projection of the Mind of God. That is why when one does not love, one ceases to consciously exist for the circuit is broken—they are part of the One Mind and the One thought—but they are not manifesting as the One Soul.