Dominion is the rock upon which you stand, when you stand upon your dominion you send forth an invincible power.

You surrender your beliefs and emotions; for, it is in the subjectification of oneself that separates one from the mind of God.

There is no power outside you in your life that can defeat dominion, no matter what happens.

When one is truly in dominion there is no need to fear. No need to hide; for, there is nothing in their reality that can harm them that is not in alignment with the seat of your soul.

Go forth today victorious for there is nothing outside you that is more powerful than that which is within you. You are all powerful.

Each judgement is a direct attack upon oneself.

The demons in the darkness are of your creation indeed, but they are not to harass you or overpower you. They are rather your victorious moment. How does one bring light into the pit? From their mind–you starve these demons you have created by an undeniable ability to be in the consciousness of All That Is.

That is why paradise became purgatory when humanity lost the awareness that this physical plane of existence was their playground. The only one who cast humanity out from the garden was humanity itself.