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Above the Fray

The human experience can be chaotic and confusing. It is easy for an individual to be immersed in it to the point of inundation. The result is then to become reactive rather than proactive and perhaps, we could say, consciously panicked.
When we speak of being above the fray, we are not saying not to participate in your life; for human existence is not a spectator sport.
To be able to step away from the tumult to evaluate causes and access abilities is an important part of taking back the creative process in your life. Otherwise, if you allow your life to control your thoughts, rather than your thoughts creating your life, you have abdicated your responsibility and right to be a conscious creator.

What we are suggesting is to allow yourself permission to put things in perspective, to take into account your whole being as a participant in your life and a co-creator of what you are experiencing. In universal terms, there is always a life preserver for the “drowning” person. Calming your mind and stilling your actions allows you to see above the waves to the life preserver floating nearby.
We understand that it can be a difficult thing to do, […]

December 27th, 2012|Consciousness, Enlightenment|

Blessed Are Those Who…

For those who are familiar with the teachings of Jesus, they can easily fill in the rest of the title. For those who may not be as familiar, these words begin a litany of blessings to the hungry, thirsty, sick, suffering and sorrowful.

Throughout the centuries, these words, “Blessed are those who…” have been theologized and philosophized to the point of losing their original meaning and intent. They have even been used to glorify human suffering. Nothing could be further from the truth. The creative source of all things does not wish its children to suffer, but when they do suffer, they are held in a special place in the heart of consciousness and special attention is given and assistance is offered.

The words offer to the disenfranchised of the world that they have an advocate—the creator itself—the creative consciousness of all things seeks the well-being of all its creation. To glorify hunger, thirst, pain, suffering, sorrow and human misery or see it as a pathway to God is absurd in the light of the consciousness of the source of all things.

Jesus’ blessing to the people was that God was aware of human suffering, was concerned and gave special attention to […]

December 12th, 2012|Love|

Expanding Universe

Expanding Universe, Expanding You
Let us walk you through a concept. There is a statement, should we say, “theory of a big bang.” What was the causal force of this momentous event?

The catalyst for this event which created the big bang was the first dimensional, the Eternal Here.

As soon as consciousness exploded it created space which creates the now, the second, the Eternal Now. Time is a spatial concept. When you observe the universe in its progressive state, you are observing a physical demonstration of conscious expansion.

The third is where the two, the Eternal Here (consciousness) and the Eternal Now (physicality) merge into Beingness.

In the ripple effect of conscious evolution across the universe form the center point of awareness, the physical expressions of the higher dimensions would be closest to the center of physical creation. Universes are reflections of the individual processes of souls. You have the greater whole of the universe; yet, within that other little universes or galaxies explode outward.
Remembering that the universe is holographic, there are dimensions not yet fully third dimensionally expressed. As a result, the entirety of the universe shifts as this leap into the fourth dimension occurs on your planet.
Is it not true that […]

December 5th, 2012|Universe|

Riding the Cusp

Self-realization and self-awareness are indeed valuable attributes in understanding one’s motives, observing one’s actions, and acknowledging one’s thought processes. You are in a new energetic phase. Humanity is in a phase that is exaggerating all actions, activities, thoughts and emotions. This energetic flux in a dimensional shift becomes apparent as humanity rides the remaining years of this current existence on the cusp of a reality shift. As a result all actions, thoughts and emotions will become more energetic. Like the ratio of steering, some vehicles take many turns to move the wheels, some but a few. The point being that actions, thoughts, and emotions that would have been in the past had relatively minor inconveniences due to improper thinking, now become much more acute. In a sense, humanity is called to walk a “narrower path”. That is the reason for the increasing conflict and chaos in your world. What is occurring is you are about to enter a dimension in which thought immediately manifests.
As you ride the cusp of this dimensional shift, you begin to have the overflow of that instantaneous manifestation while still in physical form and susceptible to the negative ego.
Some of humanity will choose to fall […]

December 2nd, 2012|Awakening|

Metaphysically Speaking

Perhaps the concept of metaphysical thought could be a stumbling block for some who might otherwise be open to a reality that transcends the known physical world. Humanity has a tendency to codify its thoughts on a subject, thereby creating a structured belief system one must adhere to in order to have access to the “truth” it promotes. Just as no religion holds the keys to salvation, metaphysical thinking does not alone hold access to the awareness of a new age.

Now it is necessary to state that new thought is a very important part of the awakening process of humanity, but it must not become something one must decide to believe or participate in. Metaphysical thought should not be seen as separate from everyday thoughts and beliefs but rather an integrated part of everyday life—an invitation for each individual to find transcendence in their own life.

We are not splitting hairs or being critical but instead making the point that new thought is an integration into your religious beliefs, cultural norms and philosophical thinking. The awakening of humanity is a promise that enlightenment is accessible to all, not that everyone will become a metaphysician.

What is now considered metaphysical thought will […]

November 28th, 2012|Metaphysical|

My Bags are Packed

Often humanity seeks to change the reality in which it dwells to create an environment more to its liking. When initiated through intent, focus and action, your current reality begins to shift. Your current situation may seem to worsen; yet, in`reality you are being asked to release and surrender your present attachments and investments in order for them to be transformed into your new reality. It is not much different than when you relocate. You pack up what you will need in you new environment and discard the rest. You must surrender where you are and release what you have in order to accomplish the move.
With shifting realities you must release and surrender. Therefore, see nothing as lost, as all things surrendered are transformed and returned in a new way.
To assist this process utilize the tools of acknowledgement, surrender and dominion during the transitional process–acknowledging the potential of your new reality, surrendering ALL aspects of your life to be transformed to be in alignment with this new reality and declaring your dominion, which is your right to live in this reality. This exercise will extinguish the fears, eliminate the confusion and bring you peace, hope and faith.

Do not focus […]

November 14th, 2012|Physicality|

Divine Will vs Personal Choice

Perhaps the title of this concept hints at the difficulty of deciphering what is divine will or personal choice. When divine will and personal choice are seen as opposing forces, conflict is evident, and the ego consciousness and spiritual identity begin a tug-of-war for control.
The reality is that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what these two equal and powerful forces offer to the human experience. Yes, equal—and therein lies the source of humanity’s dilemma between the two.
There is a deep-seated belief that divine will supercedes personal choice, therefore, creating an intrinsic disempowerment of self.
The belief that there is some divine dictator that commands humanity against its will is a sad misunderstanding of the truth. This belief promotes that God is right and the individual is wrong. Yet, humanity has been told that they have freewill. The conflict created can cause some to see freewill as a curse rather than a blessing.

The reality is you always have choice, and that is just that. Choice is not to decide between right and wrong or good and bad. This thinking implies polarity rather than participation.

So how does divine will fit into the picture? Divine will only makes sense in relationship to […]

November 7th, 2012|Physicality, Spirituality|

Introspection of an Awakening Mind

Perhaps the most ignored, yet profound fact, is that you exist. If you are reading these words you “are.” Yet who you are? We hear a litany of names and life roles being uttered; yet, we have asked, “Who are you?”

In some ways, existence is seen, should we say, as so commonplace that humanity does not question it. Try looking behind the eyes that read these words and, therefore, the mind that comprehends them. Are you defined by that? And what is that? Can you stand back from your own awareness and observe yourself? And if so, then who is observing? Is it not you?

Therefore, is it possible to escape first person perspective? Do you ever comprehend yourself from outside yourself or are we just talking mind games? How can you know yourself if you can never observe yourself? Is third person observation possible?

In the physical world, humanity depends on feedback from others. But what we are asking is: can you observe yourself from a third person point of view? All else in your reality is seen from that perspective except yourself.

So we ask you, should you, or why would you want to observe yourself from outside of yourself? We […]

October 17th, 2012|Consciousness, Enlightenment|

Reach for the Stars But Use a Ladder

Stars have been from humanity’s first glance into the heavens a source of mystery, inspiration, guidance and hope. Futures are predicted by their movement, ages announced and ships sail the seas relying on their position.

The stars are an expression of the universe and have a hold over the imagination of humanity, inspiring them “to wish upon a star” or “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket and save it for a rainy day.” The heavens are a glimpse of something greater than humanity, yet, some thing they are a part of.

Upon the tablet of the night sky is written omens of disaster, prophecies of saviors and the mythological gods of old imprinted upon the dark blue velvet canvas of the heavens.

A common metaphor for humanity to set goals high is “to reach for the stars.” Perhaps you have used this yourself. Recall a goal you have sought to reach, perhaps a better job, additional education, more money, maybe to write that book or start a business of your own. Each night you figuratively “reach for the stars” your thoughts imagining the fruition of your dreams. You stretch the reach of your grasp by faithfully holding onto […]

October 10th, 2012|Empowerment, Spirituality|

The Game of Life

We are aware that the very title of this concept may offend some. The idea that life can be equated to a game can be seen as diminishing its value and minimizing the human experience, a cheapening of its purpose. Nothing could be further from our intent.

Yet, let us look at how humanity views playing games. Games are generally seen as optional activities with no ultimate intrinsic value, often a fantasy reality offering no lasting value to the human experience. That is a pretty heavy judgment of games to contend with. Simply stated, games are not a necessary component for life; yet, we hold to our statement that life is a game.

So, what do games offer that is positive? They provide recreation and an opportunity to develop skills and abilities. They provide enjoyment and yes, hopefully, healthy competition and, in some cases, team work. Winning is, of course, a nice side benefit. Can we squeeze the concept of life into this narrow box, no pun intended?
Let’s look at it this way. Is life a game the soul plays?
“What?!” you may shout, “Life is too hard, too serious, too important, too valuable to be a flippant activity of the soul!” […]

October 3rd, 2012|Physicality, Soul|

Message of Mastery

 The master is one who not only points the way but walks the path.
The master does not define the destiny to be reached but rather shows the means for individuals to reach their own destiny.
The master is an expression, a reflection of consciousness itself. Consciousness’ power is in those who behold it; for, consciousness is the servant to all that it created. The master’s message is not of his or herself; for, consciousness does not declare itself in dominance or boastfully declares its prize. Rather it is a validation of the truth; for, those who experience the master’s presence and words.
The master’s message is one of holding a mirror in order that those who look might see themselves. The master understands that in attainment he or she is granted the privilege and the gift to show others the way. The message of the master being attainment is a promise to all and a hope for the ultimate enlightenment of one’s own mind.
The message of the master is to be that which they desire to achieve in order that those who observe might know their own way. The true message of the master is that when you look upon one, […]

September 26th, 2012|Awakening, Empowerment|

Creation is Your Friend

Rely and sustain yourselves in the ever present consciousness of the creator; for, the eternal awareness of God is ever present, and you cannot be separated from it. There is nothing that exists and that does not possess the creative force and consciousness of God.

The goal of humanity is to allow that pure presence to express by aligning one’s thoughts and actions, emotions and words with that creative force. Darkness is the absence of light; negativity is the absence of that conscious presence of God. You enlighten your world by the acknowledgement, the surrender and the dominion into the creative source that permeates all that exists.
Welcome it. Allow it to sustain you; for, just as the laws of nature sustain creation, the laws of consciousness sustain you.
The work is not to attain–the task at hand is to remove those obstacles that you have placed in your way by erroneous thinking and beliefs, and enlightenment will occur naturally.

Allow consciousness to nurture you, as nature nurtures the fragile sprout that emerges from the soil. Be confident, clear and conscious that the creative force in the world about you is the same in you, and just as creation has an innate knowledge […]

September 19th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Co-creation in the Physical House of Consciousness

Contemplate your consciousness and rejoice; for, all is well in your world. Your consciousness is the creator of your reality; through challenges and trials, obstacles and hindrances occur, you are greater and more powerful than any negativity in your life.

You are immortal and those things that seemingly get in your way are but a pebble on your path.

The occurrence of negativity and evil are often misunderstood as a personal flaw in one’s life. Rather, on this planet you live in a co-creation of consciousness in which elements of light and darkness simultaneously reside. Remember, just as the candle chases away the darkness so does your consciousness. That does not mean that you do not see darkness; for even the candle is aware of it, but nothing can hinder light. You transform the darkness by your light, and when negativity is encountered you become impregnable by your light.
Consciousness is a co-creation in the physical world, and you have the option and opportunity to participate, transform or transmute all that you encounter.
Therefore, be unafraid of darkness for you always reside in light. Hold, enkindle and call forth the intentional consciousness of what you desire to create. Bask in the light of […]

September 12th, 2012|Consciousness, Physicality|

Coding of the Creator

The universe is a dynamic expression of conscious awareness. It is the manifestation of thought created by consciousness. It is impossible for the creation and the creator to be separate. All manifestations are an expression of and the energy of the creative force behind the origins of the universe.

Even the most simple creative acts hold the watermark of its creator. Perhaps your family has a piece of furniture, a craft, a book that one of your ancestors created. You can feel the presence of their consciousness when you observe it.
Everything, everything you experience, every law of the land, philosophy, pop culture trend or scientific discovery has within it the coding of its creator.
Therefore, one of the most effective, yet least utilized, forms of discernment is that when you encounter a popular belief or a scientific statement, you discover the fingerprint of its creator upon it. Every creation emanates the thought that created it.  You, as conscious creators, determine the vibratory resonance that you wish your creations to have.

That is why motivation is extremely important when developing your creation. When people build a home, they concern themselves with floor plans, colors and furnishings; yet, they also should be as concerned […]

August 29th, 2012|Physicality|


Legends are not always what they are thought to be. They are not fantasies; for, they are born from a seed of truth. Though often historically unsubstantiated they are recorded with the same validity as identifiable historical events.

Legends are the incarnation of consciousness created by those of the realms who perceive it to be more advantageous to be an influence upon, rather than a player in the human experience. Their consciousness inspires cultures and creates a certain commonality of human experience. The legend becomes real; the consciousness that inspired it definitely is.

When the non-incarnate consciousnesses merges with the human psyche, the information, the knowledge and the insight become theirs. You become inseparable from the consciousness that speaks to you. It is an infusion and a joining of your mind with their mind. If the objects of the legend never actually existed and resided only in the minds of humanity, would it make them any less real? The objects of legends are the definition of a greater consciousness waiting to be expressed. They are real because of their birth in consciousness; they are real because of the collective consciousness that holds them dear.

That is the meaning and the message of the legend.

August 15th, 2012|Consciousness|

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