The master is one who not only points the way but walks the path.

The master does not define the destiny to be reached but rather shows the means for individuals to reach their own destiny.

The master is an expression, a reflection of consciousness itself. Consciousness’ power is in those who behold it; for, consciousness is the servant to all that it created. The master’s message is not of his or herself; for, consciousness does not declare itself in dominance or boastfully declares its prize. Rather it is a validation of the truth; for, those who experience the master’s presence and words.

The master’s message is one of holding a mirror in order that those who look might see themselves. The master understands that in attainment he or she is granted the privilege and the gift to show others the way. The message of the master being attainment is a promise to all and a hope for the ultimate enlightenment of one’s own mind.

The message of the master is to be that which they desire to achieve in order that those who observe might know their own way. The true message of the master is that when you look upon one, you only see yourself. God is the ultimate master. That is why when you look upon the face of God, you see yourself.

The message of the master, by its very nature, eliminates separation and individuality for the master knows that to encounter others is to experience your self.

The message of the master is without ego consciousness, and as a result, the limitless expression of physical existence unfolds, and in love for another the master finds the self. Mastery is not only attainment, it is consciousness expressed in physical form.

This is the message of mastery—for mastery is the expression of God in physical form.