The universe is a dynamic expression of conscious awareness. It is the manifestation of thought created by consciousness. It is impossible for the creation and the creator to be separate. All manifestations are an expression of and the energy of the creative force behind the origins of the universe.

Even the most simple creative acts hold the watermark of its creator. Perhaps your family has a piece of furniture, a craft, a book that one of your ancestors created. You can feel the presence of their consciousness when you observe it.

Everything, everything you experience, every law of the land, philosophy, pop culture trend or scientific discovery has within it the coding of its creator.

Therefore, one of the most effective, yet least utilized, forms of discernment is that when you encounter a popular belief or a scientific statement, you discover the fingerprint of its creator upon it. Every creation emanates the thought that created it.  You, as conscious creators, determine the vibratory resonance that you wish your creations to have.

That is why motivation is extremely important when developing your creation. When people build a home, they concern themselves with floor plans, colors and furnishings; yet, they also should be as concerned with what they wish this new home to contain that cannot be seen. Is it sanctuary? Is it beauty? Is it safety? Is it security? Your motivations and intents are the pigments upon the palette from which you create what you desire. And long after the creation is completed, the creator’s vibratory signature remains. Perhaps you have seen this when looking at one of the masterpieces of art. Have you beheld the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and what does that tell you about its creator? The pigments may fade but the vibration remains.

So it is important, whatever you lay your hand upon that your intention be clear, and you consciously infuse within your creation what you wish it to emit.

Creations exists totally for the creators. It is where the creators expresses who they are. That is why when you look upon the universe, it is inevitable that you feel the presence of God.

What do you want your creations to say about you? Long after you’re gone, after the paints have dried and the pigments have faded, what do you wish to remain? For creations come and go but their vibrational signature remains forever.