Legends are not always what they are thought to be. They are not fantasies; for, they are born from a seed of truth. Though often historically unsubstantiated they are recorded with the same validity as identifiable historical events.

Legends are the incarnation of consciousness created by those of the realms who perceive it to be more advantageous to be an influence upon, rather than a player in the human experience. Their consciousness inspires cultures and creates a certain commonality of human experience. The legend becomes real; the consciousness that inspired it definitely is.

When the non-incarnate consciousnesses merges with the human psyche, the information, the knowledge and the insight become theirs. You become inseparable from the consciousness that speaks to you. It is an infusion and a joining of your mind with their mind. If the objects of the legend never actually existed and resided only in the minds of humanity, would it make them any less real? The objects of legends are the definition of a greater consciousness waiting to be expressed. They are real because of their birth in consciousness; they are real because of the collective consciousness that holds them dear.

That is the meaning and the message of the legend.