Contemplate your consciousness and rejoice; for, all is well in your world. Your consciousness is the creator of your reality; through challenges and trials, obstacles and hindrances occur, you are greater and more powerful than any negativity in your life.

You are immortal and those things that seemingly get in your way are but a pebble on your path.

The occurrence of negativity and evil are often misunderstood as a personal flaw in one’s life. Rather, on this planet you live in a co-creation of consciousness in which elements of light and darkness simultaneously reside. Remember, just as the candle chases away the darkness so does your consciousness. That does not mean that you do not see darkness; for even the candle is aware of it, but nothing can hinder light. You transform the darkness by your light, and when negativity is encountered you become impregnable by your light.

Consciousness is a co-creation in the physical world, and you have the option and opportunity to participate, transform or transmute all that you encounter.

Therefore, be unafraid of darkness for you always reside in light. Hold, enkindle and call forth the intentional consciousness of what you desire to create. Bask in the light of understanding, in the consciousness of creation and the power of the present moment.

The world can be tossed and turned, and perhaps even inflict injury, but you are the stabilizing factor in your life. Though all that you experience is to tame your thoughts, all that you experience ultimately does not matter. This is but a dream. It is the opportunity to look at your thoughts and the thoughts of others to bring them into alignment. It is not a nightmare but it is a conscious, vivid dream to experience the physical manifestation of your thoughts.

Be diligent and focused and purposeful in your intent to transform your thoughts and therefore your creation. Yet, understand that nothing ultimately affects the essence of who you are. This physical plane of existence is an opportunity to expand your consciousness. It is one of the dimensions of creative thought. It allows you to become more than you are. The houses of consciousness, the dimensions of expression are opportunities to experience the creative aspects of thought. The third dimensional plane of existence is simply one of those aspects. You are learning an element of consciousness and its expression.

Therefore, commanding the consciousness expressed in physical existence allows you to experience additional elements of yourself. That is the lesson as a co-participant in creation. Consciousness is a multi-dimensional experience and you are having the opportunity to master the physical plane of existence.

When you fully comprehend that everything that you experience is the result of intentional thought, you will then be more fully able to understand the conscious thought that created your life experiences.

Be diligent, be confident and focused. Accept the lessons and master the plan of existence. Physicality, the physical plane of existence is just a house of consciousness, and you are students who are learning to maneuver within the dimension of physical being. No matter what you experience, the essence of who you are never changes. You are simply extending your “hand” of conscious thought into a dimensional experience.

Thus is the house of consciousness called the physical plane of existence.