Perhaps the most ignored, yet profound fact, is that you exist. If you are reading these words you “are.” Yet who you are? We hear a litany of names and life roles being uttered; yet, we have asked, “Who are you?”

In some ways, existence is seen, should we say, as so commonplace that humanity does not question it. Try looking behind the eyes that read these words and, therefore, the mind that comprehends them. Are you defined by that? And what is that? Can you stand back from your own awareness and observe yourself? And if so, then who is observing? Is it not you?

Therefore, is it possible to escape first person perspective? Do you ever comprehend yourself from outside yourself or are we just talking mind games? How can you know yourself if you can never observe yourself? Is third person observation possible?

In the physical world, humanity depends on feedback from others. But what we are asking is: can you observe yourself from a third person point of view? All else in your reality is seen from that perspective except yourself.

So we ask you, should you, or why would you want to observe yourself from outside of yourself? We have taught that you are consciousness expressing in physical form. So, is that the part of you that provides a foothold to observe yourself clearly? In the physical world you look into a mirror to see your reflection.

 Is there a mirror that reveals your existence?

Metaphysically you have been taught that your reality and those in it are a reflection of yourself. Yet, the “outside” world seems out of your control, and the more you “straighten your clothes and comb your hair” the reflection in the mirror of your reality remains just as disheveled. In fact, for some the reflection in the reality mirror would be hard to own as a reflection of yourself—at all.

So is your reality the true reflection of your existence and an adequate answer to the question, “Who reads these words?”

 Let us complicate matters by saying first person observation, “I Am” is the only point of of self-awareness that exists.

In reality, the concept of “you” or “they” is a figment of human thought. Some would say that your thoughts are an accurate reflection of self and that is true that they are a good indicator of behavior—if you choose to define yourself by your actions.

Yet, what we are asking is: who you are–which must have a point of observation and a set of norms to define what you see. So, when we asked at the beginning of this concept, “Who reads these words?”,  we are asking you to define yourself from personal observation without outside influence. The only answer to this request is “I”, “I Am” reading these words.

“I Am” must then be the only reflection of self against the mirror of your reality.

Therefore, be the observer of yourself by the recognition of the “I Am” of your being. The answer to our question “Who reads these words” is “I Am reading these words” and the wonderment of this truth is that all those around the world who say, “I Am reading these words” are speaking to the same sacred self.