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The Changing of the Age or The Shift

As always, it is our delight and our pleasure to speak with you, to assist you, to guide you, to instruct you in the ways of universal existence. It is our intent to inspire you and to reveal to you the truth of the oneness of All That Is. As we have many times indicated and reminded you, your world, your universe and your dimension are in the process of shift and expansion into the next dimension of existence.

Sometimes the most complex of concepts, such as a dimensional shift that occurs at the beginning of each age, can be gleaned down to some very basic concepts. It is like the maple tree whose sap you harvest and then boil down into one of nature’s sweetest foods.

We are going to provide you two guidelines, though not new concepts to you but reinforcement.

The first is all Consciousness is a Trinity:
The One Mind, The One Thought, The One Soul.
The Father, Son and Spirit.
Acknowledgement, Surrender, Dominion

When one keeps that awareness in the forefront of the mind, one will be able to maneuver the shifts and changes in the environment and reality that necessarily flow out of a dimensional shift. In the past, humanity’s […]

December 31st, 2010|All That Is, Awakening, The One Mind|

Calendar of Creation

Humanity has misunderstood its origins and the purpose of their existence. Yet, this is not a fault or  failing of the human species but rather its challenge willingly accepted in the pursuit of bringing all physicality, all physical creation, into the conscious awareness of the creative force and source of their existence. You upon this plane of existence are not only the emissaries and the ambassadors of creative consciousness of existence; you are the heir and the very source from which it was created. This is the mission undertaken, the agreement that you as individualized aspects of the only mind that ever existed have agreed to do.

We have indicated to you that there is a shift in consciousness occurring. You have not been abandoned nor are you orphaned for the existence in which you live is in an ever-expanding quest to reach conscious awareness of the source of all things. It is spoken in your holy writings that all of creation yearns for the coming of that consciousness. In your writings it is called the Christ Consciousness. Just as gravity is in the universe, the pull to be drawn back to the source is just as strong.

The universe as […]

December 22nd, 2010|Awakening, Creation, Universe|

Holy Space, Holy Place

We are sure that each who reads these words are immediately reminded of a place or a location that they felt was holy. A sacred place can be created by actions, words, or deeds. It may be a great cathedral or a gentle meadow on the side of a mountain slope. It may be a place of great revelation where one experienced enlightenment. Or simply a humble place for without cause or notice would be meaningless to any but the beholder. Holy is the acknowledgment and the awareness of divinity in the present place you dwell. The flower or the butterfly that flutters erratically above it becomes holy by your decree. Holy place. Holy space is the detection of the divine wherever you dwell. Indeed, all is holy and all contains the presence of the divine, but you call that presence forth by acknowledging its sacredness. It is both your responsibility and your privilege to endow your world with the acknowledgment of its divinity. The soaring eagle may be holy, but your recognition of its sacredness in the grand scheme of all existence calls for that divinity within to be expressed. Just as on a darkened path, one lights a lamp […]

December 15th, 2010|Energy|

Upon the Spiral Stairs

Upon the Spiral Stairs is a powerful 12 month program of affirmations for the purpose of raising your Consciousness. You can begin whenever you wish, simply start with Step 1 and affirm daily that set of affirmations for a month and then proceed to the next step upon the Spiral Stairs and repeat the process. The words “One Mind and One Thought” may be replaced with anything within your belief system such as “God, Jesus, Spirit, etc.”

An affirmation is a statement made in the present about a future event as if it has already occurred. The following set of affirmations is transformative when practiced and affirms the perfect perception of Consciousness in our lives while initiating the transformative process of denial to acknowledgment, alienation to surrender, and powerlessness to dominion.

When we affirm we are willing to participate, to accept and willing to be in divine will they become a creative force in our lives.

Step 1 – INTEGRATION — physical integration.

I choose I am willing to accept my physical reality from the One Mind and the One Thought.

I choose I am willing to participate in the physical reality of the One Mind and the One Thought.

I choose I am willing for my physical reality to […]

December 6th, 2010|Consciousness, Soul, The One Mind|

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