Humanity has misunderstood its origins and the purpose of their existence. Yet, this is not a fault or  failing of the human species but rather its challenge willingly accepted in the pursuit of bringing all physicality, all physical creation, into the conscious awareness of the creative force and source of their existence. You upon this plane of existence are not only the emissaries and the ambassadors of creative consciousness of existence; you are the heir and the very source from which it was created. This is the mission undertaken, the agreement that you as individualized aspects of the only mind that ever existed have agreed to do.

We have indicated to you that there is a shift in consciousness occurring. You have not been abandoned nor are you orphaned for the existence in which you live is in an ever-expanding quest to reach conscious awareness of the source of all things. It is spoken in your holy writings that all of creation yearns for the coming of that consciousness. In your writings it is called the Christ Consciousness. Just as gravity is in the universe, the pull to be drawn back to the source is just as strong.

The universe as you know it in the third dimensional plane of existence is returning to the source in order to become one with it. Without you, without your conscious awareness it would not know that it arrived at its destination. There is a saying, or perhaps a query, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? Most astute thinkers would realize that the sound would be made but there would be no one there to appreciate it. So it is with you.

Humanity has the privilege and the responsibility to be the conscious awareness of this cycle of consciousness that awakens upon the planet.

creationIn you becoming aware, the very third dimension becomes aware. You are the living, breathing, conscious elements of your planetary system.

There are philosophies and philosophers and even those of metaphysical beliefs that convey humanity is somehow a wayward child on the path, at best. Indeed, humanity has created its challenges and has distracted itself on this path, but humanity would be better seen like a special operations team that goes into the deepest, darkest and most dense of environments to set the captives free. The physical plane of existence is not humanity’s nemesis but rather its child, one to be raised and nurtured into the conscious creation of All That Is, and that it in return, it nurtures you.

The earth welcomes you just as the realms welcome the earth. A merging, a joining of two individualized energies creating a third.

The merging of the consciousness of God expressed through you with the physical plane of existence is the ultimate realization that God is not only in creation, God is not only expressive of creation but creation fully expresses God.
It is a powerful and important mission that you are upon. Forgive yourself for those times of distraction, those times of indecision and accept and acknowledge the importance that you reside here. Many enjoy epic adventures and read of heroes fighting seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve their goals. This, beloved souls of light, is an adventure beyond any epic proportion you could imagine.

We of the universe, we who have joined with you, of the only consciousness that exists, express our gratitude, our appreciation and our promise to be participants and assistants to you upon this journey of the creation of consciousness in physical form. Do not even for an instant ever entertain a thought or belief that you are alone or that you could ultimately fail. The seed of humanity is the very hand, the heart and the mind that created the earth upon which you stand and the stars upon which you gaze. You are, indeed, of the earth and, indeed, you are one with the earth. Be it the butterfly or the bird, the lion or the lamb, the great whales of the sea or the stars in the sky, all are waiting for you and those like unto yourself scattered throughout the universe to birth the consciousness of God into physical form.

creationIndeed, there are those in the galaxies about you who are more aware of their intimate relationship with consciousness and creation. And there are those who have yet to awaken to the truth of this realization. Humanity is neither slave nor servant to this dynamic evolution of self-awareness but rather a vibrant participant. All beings of the universe are both in assistance and being assisted–and so are you. We deeply wish for you to fully and completely experience the dance of love between the elements of all that exists. Yet we are confident and clear that those who read these words and even those who don’t that that destiny lies within their future.

The great shift of the ages, like the perpetual waves of the ocean upon the shore are predictable, consistent and perpetual.

And so it is in the evolutionary process of consciousness. You are privileged to be present at one of those crests of consciousness that falls upon the shores of physical existence. Be open. Be excited. Be willing as well as forgiving, caring and loving to yourselves. Hold your hand in front of you. Look at it. See the earth beneath your feet and recognize them as one and the same. All the earth asks and that of physical creation is that you would honor it as it so willingly cares for you.

Before your first ethereal step upon this plane of existence, the earth was glad, excited and anticipating that the consciousness of creation would merge with its very being. Your reproductive processes and the ecstasy that it can provide is but a reflection of the orgasmic energy of creation that is expressed in the concept of paradise.

In times past, we have given you a foundation and will continue to instruct in areas of concern but we would be amiss if we did not direct and express our focus upon the process that is occurring. Some question the shift in consciousness yet it should not be considered any different or less astounding than the rising of the sun. It is a natural event and occurrence in the calendar of creation.

Go about your days joyfully for there is much to be joyful of. Go about your days in peace for that is truly the only state of existence that really is and be in love with yourself, your creation and your consciousness for all is well in your world.

We are joyfully complete.