As always, it is our delight and our pleasure to speak with you, to assist you, to guide you, to instruct you in the ways of universal existence. It is our intent to inspire you and to reveal to you the truth of the oneness of All That Is. As we have many times indicated and reminded you, your world, your universe and your dimension are in the process of shift and expansion into the next dimension of existence.

Sometimes the most complex of concepts, such as a dimensional shift that occurs at the beginning of each age, can be gleaned down to some very basic concepts. It is like the maple tree whose sap you harvest and then boil down into one of nature’s sweetest foods.

We are going to provide you two guidelines, though not new concepts to you but reinforcement.

The first is all Consciousness is a Trinity:

The One Mind, The One Thought, The One Soul.
The Father, Son and Spirit.
Acknowledgement, Surrender, Dominion

When one keeps that awareness in the forefront of the mind, one will be able to maneuver the shifts and changes in the environment and reality that necessarily flow out of a dimensional shift. In the past, humanity’s tendency has been to focus on the reality that it has created and to attempt to create change by immersing itself in that reality–when instead, attention should be focused on the Source and removing those filters that distort the perfect perception of one’s own consciousness.

It is in this that one surrenders, that one becomes the Source rather than merely the participant of existence. It is in this attitude that one can maneuver the shifts that are occurring in this dimensional expansion. That does not mean not to be active and participatory, but what it means is that any action taken is born in a realization that what you desire exists in your Consciousness rather than in the attributes of your created reality.

So, the first concept is to take all action from your source of knowing, passing through an unfiltered lens of your observation and your manifestation will be true.

The second concept is deeply embedded in humanity’s investment in linear thinking, be it a time line through history, a line on a piece of paper or the distance between two points on your planet. As we have indicated in the past, the concept of the circle is much more appropriate in understanding the realities of the next dimension. All things return to themselves, every thought is like a boomerang. The more you move away from something the closer you become to it.

Example: You leave your home to travel around the world. Every mile you go takes you further away from your home; yet, at the same time you are moving closer to it. Even Einstein in his theory of relativity states that if you stare straight ahead and had the eyesight and physical shiftendurance, you would see the back of your head.

In an attempt to explain the truth of your physical existence, the reflection of a mirror has been used. More appropriately when you look outward, long enough and intentionally enough, you see yourself. Longer and more intentional is when you become quiet enough and still enough to see with inner perception, inner understanding and inner awareness.

Therefore, the second concept to maneuver this dimensional shift is that all things return to themselves.

To step away from yourself is only to move closer to yourself. And in truth, the sacred symbol of the next dimension is the circle; more importantly it is the sphere. Many aspects and many levels of yourself enfold back upon yourself. You cannot escape yourself, nor should you. If you wish to, realign yourself into the oneness of All That Is.

These two concepts represent the foundation of easy ascent into the next dimension.

The first is an inner awareness, the second is an outer understanding of your existence. Use these two concepts to guide you, to balance you, to protect you. The days ahead are dynamic. Yet, they can seem devastating if one does not understand the concepts we have shared. All the universes, all the lifetimes of all that you have experienced are opportunities to regenerate and recreate.  Just as on your planet there are days and nights, months and years, life and death, in order to have the opportunity to reevaluate and begin again; so, the Universe uses the ages as an opportunity for it to take a look at itself–reevaluating its existence.

Therefore, in the utilization of these two concepts you have the opportunity to reevaluate that which you have created and the opportunity to evaluate what you desire. And your pathway will be made easy in The One Mind, The One Thought, and The One Soul.