One in the Oneness

Ship of Change
As most would agree, be it philosopher, theologian or politician, humanity is in a transitional state. The old archetypal structures that were the foundation of human government, religion and finance are being undermined by a swift and steady current of change. Volatility and vulnerability roams the planet like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (It is not coincidental that we use that analogy for it is spoken in your holy writings.)

As we have indicated, the universe, all of its components and participants, are in a grand shift, an expansion born at the moment of creation. Like the pebble dropped in a still pond, its ripples emanate outward towards infinity. This dynamic shift is part of the creative process. It is error thinking that creation is something that occurred back then, so long ago that you are neither participants nor observers of the event.
In reality, creation is a dynamic ongoing process.
One that is seeking to eternally expand that which it bore. As mentioned in your writing of the Ships of Song that consciousness sprung forth in the pursuit of physicality–and beingness was created. Each individual is in a perpetual process of becoming one with beingness. Beingness, the conception […]

October 23rd, 2013|Ascension, Awakening|

The Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension realm of existence need not be a mystery, and it certainly is not an illusion. In fact, you reside in all dimensions and all aspects of those dimensions. You are, on some level of your being, consciously aware of your multi-level, multi-dimensional existence. Each dimension of yourself is interacting, growing and learning, each with unique challenges and abilities yet all interactive with each other, even if you are not consciously aware.
You may think it unfair, perhaps even cruel, that your consciousness in the third dimensional realm seems orphaned from its spiritual counterparts.
Nothing can be further from the truth! Yet, if all was made consciously known to you and you had the full availability of all your spiritual components immediately available to you, there would be no need for the physical plane of existence. For there to be security in existence, the freedom of recognition and self-acceptance, one must also have the opportunity to be devoid of these things. The power of divinity within you is that it is able to be expressed when divinity cannot be easily found. This is the foundation of your spiritual existence. It is the bedrock on which your spiritual nature stands.

Perhaps […]

October 19th, 2013|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Intent and Intention

Intent is the elixir of life that lessens the bonds of hardship and anxiety.

Intent is a powerful force of focus. A defining line. That is how God draws straight with crooked lines.

How you control energy is by intent–and that takes no effort at all.

Intention lightens the load. It is the helium of spirit that lifts burdens from your shoulders.

Intention always succeeds. It is the filter of perception. It is always successful when focused upon. Affirmations exist for the sole purpose of focusing one’s intention. What is your intent for the day? The week? Intention is wise, it always instructs you on the highest course and the greatest good. Intention is always balanced. It is the conduit of wisdom. An often overlooked concept because intention is like the wind, hard to define, because it is the medium, intention is the fiber on which the rest is built. Intention is always present, it is not a past dream or a future hope. Intention sanctifies the moment. It declares all things to be in alignment with your goals.
Intention, attention–the concept of focus. Attention is external. We pay attention to what is going on there. Intention is the internal focus.
Hold that, the truth […]

August 12th, 2013|Awakening, Empowerment|

The Four Races

At the beginning of this cycle of time, long ago, the Great Spirit came down and He made an appearance and gathered the peoples of this earth together “they say on an island which is now beneath the water” and He said to the human beings, “I’m going to send you to four directions and over time, I’m going to change you to four colors, but I’m going to give you some teachings and you will call these the Original Teachings and when you come back together with each other you will share these so that you can live and have peace on earth, and a great civilization will come about.”
— Lee Brown at the 1986 Continental Indigenous Council, Tanana Valley, Fairbanks, Alaska.

There are four directions that define the center. For there to be a center there must be positions that define it. If there is an east there must be a west. If there is a north, there is a south, a left, a right, an up, a down. Do you understand? And what does that orientation offer? These elements orient you to know your position in the universe. In order to determine where you are you need […]

July 28th, 2013|Awakening, Physicality|

Returning to the Source

As we have been discussing, the universe from the moment of its conception has been in the process of returning to the source of its existence. The possibilities and the potentials brought forth at the moment of existence expands into creation only to return to the one that created it.

All is well and good, unless your choices are not to participate in this evolutionary process of awakening and then you might feel like you are a captive on a ship that is sailing to a port that you do not desire. The reality is that all creation returns to the creator but returns at creation’s willingness to participate.

What we mean by that is:
Consciousness creates and you have freewill and the right to choose not to participate.
But what then? And why would one choose not to enter a more perfect state of being?  The negative ego consciousness of humanity holds tightly onto it tools of control, manipulation and deceit.  This awakening age is an affront to the negative ego consciousness, and there are those among you that would choose the old paradigms rather than the light of a new day.

Consciousness will await creation forever to return to where it began […]

March 18th, 2013|All That Is, Awakening|

Just Because It Is In Your Mind Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t True

What is the source of human experience? Is it reality or thought? Humanity generally sees reality as something “outside” itself while thought is privy to the inner sanctums of the mind. The relationship between reality and thoughts is for most part nonexistent or, at best, hazy.

The question at hand is, is there an uncrossable chasm between what you think and what you experience, or is there a “bridge” that spans the gulf between the two? And if so, what is it? More importantly, if your thoughts can reach the land of your living, are they observers or participants in your reality?
It would be too simplistic to say it is how you see it, but it is the best place to start this discussion.
Generally, if you see yourself as powerless and a pawn in what you experience, you would believe there is no bridge to be found. If you feel a sense of empowerment in your life, you would say you have found the bridge and cross it regularly. Now, belief alone does not create a bridge, but attitude does play a part in finding the bridge if it does exist.

Now of course, we are proponents that there is a relationship between […]

February 4th, 2013|Awakening|

Riding the Cusp

Self-realization and self-awareness are indeed valuable attributes in understanding one’s motives, observing one’s actions, and acknowledging one’s thought processes. You are in a new energetic phase. Humanity is in a phase that is exaggerating all actions, activities, thoughts and emotions. This energetic flux in a dimensional shift becomes apparent as humanity rides the remaining years of this current existence on the cusp of a reality shift. As a result all actions, thoughts and emotions will become more energetic. Like the ratio of steering, some vehicles take many turns to move the wheels, some but a few. The point being that actions, thoughts, and emotions that would have been in the past had relatively minor inconveniences due to improper thinking, now become much more acute. In a sense, humanity is called to walk a “narrower path”. That is the reason for the increasing conflict and chaos in your world. What is occurring is you are about to enter a dimension in which thought immediately manifests.
As you ride the cusp of this dimensional shift, you begin to have the overflow of that instantaneous manifestation while still in physical form and susceptible to the negative ego.
Some of humanity will choose to fall […]

December 2nd, 2012|Awakening|

Message of Mastery

 The master is one who not only points the way but walks the path.
The master does not define the destiny to be reached but rather shows the means for individuals to reach their own destiny.
The master is an expression, a reflection of consciousness itself. Consciousness’ power is in those who behold it; for, consciousness is the servant to all that it created. The master’s message is not of his or herself; for, consciousness does not declare itself in dominance or boastfully declares its prize. Rather it is a validation of the truth; for, those who experience the master’s presence and words.
The master’s message is one of holding a mirror in order that those who look might see themselves. The master understands that in attainment he or she is granted the privilege and the gift to show others the way. The message of the master being attainment is a promise to all and a hope for the ultimate enlightenment of one’s own mind.
The message of the master is to be that which they desire to achieve in order that those who observe might know their own way. The true message of the master is that when you look upon one, […]

September 26th, 2012|Awakening, Empowerment|

The Frontier of a New Reality

In the conscious collection of existence, there is an emergence of realities being created by the consciousness of those who hold the thoughts. The proverbial veil—that invisible barrier that has seemed to separate and imprison humanity from experiencing full conscious awareness and spiritual truth—is very thin and is collapsing in the light of a new consciousness.

Your thoughts, actions and emotions pervade across this invisible boundary, and your physical existence sends out reconnaissance parties into the frontiers of a new reality. This invisible barrier, created by human forgetfulness, is now breached, and the inevitable is about to occur as the truth of the expression of your true existence pours forth into this present reality. As a result, realities collide, consciousnesses are in opposition and the chaotic nature of creation emerges to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is experienced in your government, religious and financial structures—even your own lives reflect the turmoil and chaos created from this convergence of realities.

For those of you who are open and willing to accept this evolutionary process, there will be less chaos and confusion in your lives. By not viewing this new existence as being in conflict with your present reality, you can emerge […]

July 17th, 2012|Awakening|

Infinite Expansion of Consciousness

In the infinite expansion of consciousness, the spiritual pilgrim becomes increasingly aware that the path to enlightenment is not a destination or a goal to be obtained but an evolutionary process to participate in. Nothing in the universe is static, not even consciousness itself. All is dynamic and ever-evolving and changing.
Creation is the celebration of consciousness exploring itself—and so it is with your journey of spiritual awakening and awareness.
The wonderment is that neither you nor consciousness is finite, and the possibilities and the potential for expression of your existence is beyond measure. In the process of spiritual growth and development, the truths of today may be the memories of tomorrow; yet, each and every discovery that you make on the path to enlightenment is an important step on the spiral stairs to the consciousness of All That Is.

To become locked or invested in a certain belief or dogma would be similar to stopping half the way up a staircase and declaring that you have arrived at the next floor. Spiritual truth is enhanced by openness and acceptance and the willingness to adapt and change, not in rigid structure and belief. The dynamic nature of existence and the dynamic nature […]

June 28th, 2012|Awakening, Enlightenment|

Chance or Fate?

This question has haunted humanity since the beginning of time. It is certainly understood that physical existence is littered with the possibility and potential for calamity and tragedy. When a catastrophe strikes, an accident maims or kills, a natural disaster takes the lives of many, one questions if it was the “luck of the draw” or was there a purposeful and intentional focus toward these victims and locales. God has often been blamed for calamity and accused of singling out individuals or cities for destruction. A child born with a handicap is often seen as God’s will, or a young mother dying of cancer as some divine plan. Perhaps these statements, rather than offering an explanation or comfort, give an excuse to hide behind for what cannot be rationally explained.

There is some history to this belief that God wields the gavel of judgment against the world and its people. Be it Sodom and Gomorrah or the promise of death and destruction at the end of time, the Almighty has been seen a rather merciless monarch battering his subjects into compliance by threats of physical tribulation. The belief system even goes as far as to state that the good will […]

July 13th, 2011|Awakening, Physicality|

Turn Around

Perspective and the point of observation are extremely important in one’s cognitive ability to comprehend what is being observed. Humanity, in its pursuit of spiritual truths, is often amiss in their point of observation.

In the past, we have used the analogy that any destination is but a short distance away, as well as being a great distance, depending on the direction you are facing. The example is if you are standing in front of your home, you are but a few feet from it. If you turn and begin to walk toward your home in the opposite direction, you will literally need to encircle the planet to reach your destination. So the distance to any destination is in direct proportion to your perception and, therefore, the perceived action needed to attain your goal. This truth reflects the interaction of the universe and consciousness, that any action is a movement towards yourself.

In the pursuit of any goal, it would seem logical that you would choose the most efficient and effective path to your destination. You would tell a friend who was walking towards their house by going in the opposite direction that they might want to turn around and take […]

July 1st, 2011|Awakening, Spirituality|

Evolution or Evolvement?

Philosophies fight between creationism and evolution. Sociologists banter back and forth about human development and psychologists certainly add to the mix. The simple truth of human existence is the emergence of the consciousness that created all things becoming physically manifest. The question of evolution or evolvement is neither a religious quandary nor a scientific debate. It is the question whether humanity is being driven or driving itself towards its own self-fulfillment.
Evolution is a passive state where physical existence is manipulated by outside forces and an internal process expressed in an outward expression.
This begs the question of humanity’s participation in both the creation and the creative process of physical existence. Humanity was born from the physical material of creation just as the seedling emerges its head above the soil that contains it. Humanity is the sparks of consciousness erupting from the fabric of existence. Humanity is creation expressing itself. The same force that grows the mighty oak or gives birth to the lamb and lion is the same force within you. You are in dominion. You are the pinnacle of the pyramid of existence for every living creature. Every physical component of the earth is a stepping stone to your […]

April 12th, 2011|Awakening, Soul, Spirituality|

The Internet

The internet, not only in the third dimension, but also in the fourth dimension has had a profound effect on the consciousness and communion of humankind. It is emerging, the first glimmer of light over the eastern horizon shedding the light of a new day on the consciousness of humanity. When there is an advance in the consciousness of humanity, it is always reflected in advances on the physical plane of existence, usually in the areas of technology, medicine, and spirituality — but not limited to these.
Because of the internet’s electronic components, it is “a cousin” to our energies and easily adapted to.
The web is susceptible to any of the abuses human consciousness can deal out. You must make a decision in your consciousness to either be the spider or the fly. To each the web means greatly different things, either a source to capture all that you need and desire, or a trap in which to be devoured. Whatever one’s choices or even humanity’s, our energies are unaffected and travel freely within the components.
It is another avenue in which we can express ourselves and assist you.
When you sit in front of your computer screen, think of yourself standing in the […]

January 19th, 2011|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Shifting Signs

We would wish to comment on the recent developments regarding the astrological houses and the positional shift within your yearly calendar. Nothing in the universe is stagnant nor should it be. It is evidence that the clockwork of the universe is constantly in motion and shifting. This discovery is a small indicator of the greater shift that is occurring with the birth of a new age.

Human psyche, spiritual consciousness and the motion of the universe are inseparable. They are one grand organism that when combined creates the experience of existence. As we have mentioned in the past, the spiritual and physical are intertwined and interdependent upon each other. If the universe is a reflection of the consciousness that created it, then what does the universe’s movement and its influences upon its inhabitants tell you about its creator?
When you view existence as a holographic experience rather than diverse individual aspects, you can have a greater understanding of the universe and its creator.
In the clockwork of the universe, the movement of its individual parts has a direct and profound effect on the consciousness it expresses. Let us explain. The universe is a compilation of energy and an expression of consciousness in […]

January 18th, 2011|Awakening, Universe|

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