Self-realization and self-awareness are indeed valuable attributes in understanding one’s motives, observing one’s actions, and acknowledging one’s thought processes. You are in a new energetic phase. Humanity is in a phase that is exaggerating all actions, activities, thoughts and emotions. This energetic flux in a dimensional shift becomes apparent as humanity rides the remaining years of this current existence on the cusp of a reality shift. As a result all actions, thoughts and emotions will become more energetic. Like the ratio of steering, some vehicles take many turns to move the wheels, some but a few. The point being that actions, thoughts, and emotions that would have been in the past had relatively minor inconveniences due to improper thinking, now become much more acute. In a sense, humanity is called to walk a “narrower path”. That is the reason for the increasing conflict and chaos in your world. What is occurring is you are about to enter a dimension in which thought immediately manifests.

As you ride the cusp of this dimensional shift, you begin to have the overflow of that instantaneous manifestation while still in physical form and susceptible to the negative ego.

Some of humanity will choose to fall by the wayside in this process. Others will seek to ignore it. Some will begin the journey only to forget. Do you think you could come to this plane of existence if there was not a sanctuary for one to return? A sanctuary, a sacred place in the mind in which the chaos, confusion and turmoil of an ever-changing world cannot affect. Where do you think we are? Do you perceive us, which is you, to be some place other than here? Grounded firmly in the realization of oneness, the eternal reality, you do not need to go anywhere to be where we reside. Within the center point of your mind is a place right this very instant, in your concept called time, a reality in which you consciously commune with the realms.

If this shift is occurring would it not be more appropriate if your actions, thoughts and emotions are amplified to focus on the positives and that which you desire rather than negatives that you detest?

If you stood at the end of a great gorge and peered over the edge you would be impressed. If you stood at the end of a continent, you would appreciate the value of that line of water in the sand. If you stood at the end of the world physically, you would marvel at the journey you have taken. If there could be at the end of the universe, you would be in awe as you stood at the brink of the end physically the boundary of All That Is and peered out into the vastness of that which did not exist. It is beyond comprehension. The boundary on which you now stand, greater than all these. The dimensional shift is far more profound than any analogy we have shared. No boundary you have ever experienced, no reality shift ever imagined is like the one that lies before you. You take with you what you have already gained and experienced, the third dimension is the seed in germination for the fourth and contains all the elements necessary for the evolution process.

More than ever before all things are synchronizing for this great expression in the birthing process of physicality and consciousness. You see, the misperception is that humanity, individuals, yourselves, have misunderstood what is occurring around you.

Your reality, your universe, is not working against you but for you as never before to create what you desire.

How does this translate into appropriate, positive actions? Simply by being most observant to the best of your capabilities and abilities of your actions, thoughts and emotions. Let us put is this way, if you are traveling in your vehicle at 40 miles an hour and you move the wheel slightly, it takes little time and your off the road. At 60 it would occur more quickly. At 80, more quickly. That is what is occurring. At the same time, focusing upon what you do want also occurs exponentially more quickly.

When you have the information and understanding, you realize that all things are progressing as they should. Humanity’s struggles are just beginning and the consciousness of individuals collide not only within themselves but others. We have foretold you that there is a place within the center of your consciousness that never changes, that is stable, it is the portal to all dimensions. It is the pathway to peace, balance, perfection.

The universe, like a great cell, is dividing. Would not the simplest of creation mimic the greater whole?

The dimensional shift in the realm of time is upon us and we do mean us, for this is not just a third-dimensional event, it is a multi-dimensional affect. And its ripple effect on consciousness, like a pebble dropped into still waters, flows outward into the dimensions.