Philosophies fight between creationism and evolution. Sociologists banter back and forth about human development and psychologists certainly add to the mix. The simple truth of human existence is the emergence of the consciousness that created all things becoming physically manifest. The question of evolution or evolvement is neither a religious quandary nor a scientific debate. It is the question whether humanity is being driven or driving itself towards its own self-fulfillment.

Evolution is a passive state where physical existence is manipulated by outside forces and an internal process expressed in an outward expression.

This begs the question of humanity’s participation in both the creation and the creative process of physical existence. Humanity was born from the physical material of creation just as the seedling emerges its head above the soil that contains it. Humanity is the sparks of consciousness erupting from the fabric of existence. Humanity is creation expressing itself. The same force that grows the mighty oak or gives birth to the lamb and lion is the same force within you. You are in dominion. You are the pinnacle of the pyramid of existence for every living creature. Every physical component of the earth is a stepping stone to your conscious awareness of creation. The emergence of humanity in the physical plane of existence is proof that the creator walks amongst its creation.

So, is it evolution or evolvement? Is humanity’s emergence into physical form self-generated or divinely inspired—or perhaps both?

Evolvement is the physical expression of consciousness in the evolutionary process of creation, the yin and yang, giver and receiver, creator and creation. They are mirror reflections of themselves in the emergence of existence. Each is in need of each other; each is an aspect of each other.

The scientist or philosopher, the theologian or sociologist, in order to fully comprehend the meaning and mystery of creation must look at both sides of this coin; for, evolution and evolvement are two aspects of one archway that create the portal into the physical expression of consciousness.