Options empower choices. In fact, it is impossible to have choice without them and there is always choice; so there must then be options available at all times. As a result, there is never a dead end in consciousness or a one-way thought that cannot be reversed.

Most who read this concept though have experienced that dead end in thinking or the trapped feeling that comes from an inability to reverse the direction they are heading. Though very real to the conscious mind, these two scenarios of thought are not truth; for, there are always options, and therefore, choice to every situation or circumstance in life.

What causes you to believe you are without options?

Though there are many motives and emotions that contribute to these feelings—be it resistance, judgment, beliefs or lack of understanding, to mention but a few—the acceptance of powerlessness is the primary cause of this error thought in consciousness. An attitude of being powerful is born from an acceptance that you are in dominion in your life and a creator of it. Dominion always, yes always, creates options be you willing or not to accept this reality. That is why there is always choice in your life because you are always in dominion, even if you do not exercise it.

Why then would you wish to be powerless, denying your dominion and choosing a perception void of options–which by the way is a choice.

The answer is simpler than you might expect. It is the abdication of your responsibility for your actions, which is a defense mechanism of the negative ego consciousness. It is  self-deprecating fear that convinces someone that they are powerless, and therefore, without the freedom to choose. That is why taking responsibility for all occurring in your life empowers you by giving you twenty-twenty vision on the opportunities and options available to choose differently.

You are going to create. You might as well create consciously.

Never condemn yourself for your creations; just become conscious of your choices and choose differently. The error in consciousness is never the creation but the choice that conceived its existence.

The negative ego will seek to dissuade you that you have no options since choice is freewill and that is what makes you a conscious creator. The more you acknowledge that creative force within yourself the greater your options will become and the more vast the choices available to you.

It has been stated that the only thing you can give another person or, for that matter, the universe is an opportunity—and opportunity creates options and, therefore, choice. That is how someone becomes empowered by your assistance—if they choose.

Therefore, choice is at the core of the creative process.

Without choice there is no creation. As a result, the choices available to you at any one time in your life are an accurate indicator of your participation consciously in the creation of your life. If the available options are not to your liking, take responsibility, then take hold because you are going to create what you desire in your life.